Audioengine Grows Their HD Series with the HD3 Wireless Music System

I love Audioengine speakers. The HD6 are among my favorite speakers. So I was excited to hear about the new HD3 Wireless Music System. They look like AudioEngine’s familiar desktop speakers but they’re something new. As the company explains, “the HD3 is a complete music system that allows you to listen to all of your music from any source.”


The speakers are small but pack a punch. These speakers are self-contained and ready to go.


The left speaker has amplifiers and wireless audio built into it. That promises to make setup a breeze. And, thanks to the combination of Bluetooth wireless and an assortment of connections on the back you can connect your phone, tablet, computer, or even a turntable. There’s even a connection so you can add a subwoofer. One of the things that make AudioEngine’s wireless speakers such a pleasure to use is the fact that wireless setup takes no time at all. There is no software to install. There are no apps to download. And there are no Wi-Fi passwords to enter. Simply turn on the speakers and look for them to show up as an option under your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu.


If, however, you want to use the HD3 at your desk, the small size makes them ideal for this purpose. You can connect the speakers directly to your computer using a USB cable. This, in turn, provides a high-end listening experience!


At the same time, if you want a wired connection but don’t want to use USB you simply connect one of the included audio cables. The speakers offer a wide range of options so you can set them up in the best manner for your taste and system.

As Dave Evans, Audioengine co-founder notes, “We designed the award-winning HD Series for the way people listen to music these days and HD3 is another game-changer for home, office, and personal audio.”

I haven’t heard the HD3s but, based on my prior experience with AudioEngine systems, they promise to sound great.

High-fidelity personal audio: HD3 also includes an audiophile-quality headphone amplifier that sounds great and drives even the most-demanding headphones.


And, in keeping with the design language the company has been employing in their most recent products, the HD3 have a sleek, but refined look that will look great without screaming for attention.

Retro-forward design: Audio performance is critical but speakers also need to look good, so we’ve included aluminum trim accents, detachable magnetic grills, and real wood veneers that blend with any decor.


These small speakers are $399 and they pack a punch. They also pack in the features. These include:

  • Built-in stereo power amplifiers
  • High-fidelity Bluetooth® with aptX + extended range
  • USB computer audio input
  • Front panel headphone output + volume control
  • Custom Kevlar woofers and silk tweeters
  • Detachable magnetic speaker grills
  • Hand-built cabinets with furniture-grade finishes
  • The HD3 are available in Walnut, Cherry, and Satin Black.

I love AudioEngine products. If you are looking for a great-sounding self-contained stereo system that offers a wide range of connectivity options you will certainly want to check these out. And yes, while $399 is a bit pricey for a holiday gift, if you have an audiophile in you’re life and want to splurge on them, these speakers are the way to go! Check them out here.

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