Sony Announces the New Xperia XZ and Xperia X Compact

Judie and I have been fans of the Sony Xperia line of smartphones and tablets. Now Sony has introduced two new additions to the Xperia line — the flagship Sony Xperia XZ and the premium Xperia X Compact. They are the first Xperia phones to feature triple image sensing. Both look great and arrive this fall.


The Sony Xperia XZ has a generous but not overly large 5.2” display, while the Sony Xperia X Compact comes in at a daintiest 4.6”. Both phones offer a souped up camera experience by incorporating triple image sensing technology . This innovative technology makes you better able to capture blur-free photos. That’s even the case when subjects are moving. And the images come out with true to life colour regardless of the shooting situation. Smartphone camera have, for many of us, become our only camera. Sony has always been a leader in smartphone camera technology and this new triple image sensing promises to take things to an entirely new level.

Capture the action laser-fast with true colour: Sony’s first flagship of the X series, Xperia XZ, and premium Xperia X Compact bring new and improved camera technology to give you the best pictures from Xperia yet. Oozing camera excellence using Sony’s heritage in camera technology and in collaboration with our digital imaging engineers, the new models feature one of the most advanced cameras in a smartphone. Maximising Sony’s acclaimed image sensor, two additional assisting sensors have been added to become Sony’s triple image sensing technology. This allows you to capture beautiful images in motion with true to life colours in virtually any conditions. The technology is comprised of Sony’s original Exmor RS for mobile image sensor which provides a powerful blend of high quality image and autofocus (AF) speed combined with Predictive Hybrid AF to intelligently predict and track subjects in motion for blur-free results. Added to this is the Laser AF sensor with distance sensing technology, which captures beautiful blur-free photos in challenging low light conditions. And what’s more, you will enjoy superb true to life colours thanks to the RGBC-IR sensor with colour sensing technology which accurately adjusts the white balance based on the light source in the environment.


The main camera offers 23MP, and the phone has a dedicated shutter button so you really can use this like a traditional point and shoot. For those who love to fiddle around there are more advanced setting features than ever. Videos are also better than ever with Sony’s SteadyShot with Intelligent Active Mode baked right in.


The front camera is no slouch either. It offers 13MP and has an ISO as high as ISO6400 and a 22mm/90-degree wide-angle lens. It also shoots in 4K!

I’ve always loved Sony’s industrial design on the Xperia line of phones, and both of these new phones bring a unified design that incorporates a loop surface so you get a “beautiful fit in the hand.”


And these new Xperia smartphones are… smart. Both phones will get “smarter” over time by learning and adapting to the usage habits of the owners. This, in turn, will provide an enhanced user experience that improves the more you use the phone.

Premium design to fit in your life: With its stunning loop surface design, the 5.2” glass display and metal back of the Xperia XZ become one, to provide a perfect fit and beautiful feel in the hand. The loop surface is inspired by a monolithic form, whilst ALKALEIDO™ metal with high brightness and high purity provides shine and a feeling of depth which both enhance its premium design. Xperia XZ is available in a brand new blue colour inspired by the beauty of nature – Forest Blue – along with stylish classics Mineral Black and Platinum.

Adding a popular Sony form factor to the X series, the Xperia X Compact packs mighty technology into its small frame. Its 4.6” screen and loop surface design make it extra comfortable to hold and is ideal for an operation with just one hand.  Xperia X Compact’s premium design can be clearly seen via its high-gloss finish and solid feel. It also follows our new signature blue colour expression with a Mist Blue colour hue together with timeless Universe Black and stylish White.

And of course, since this is the end of 2016, both phones use the microUSB connector in favor of Type-C USB. This means fast, easy charging with no need to worry about the direction of the cable when hoping to charge it. It also means we are able to move more toward being able to carry USB-C cables as our only cables for phones, tablets and laptops. (So long as you don’t use Apple products of course.)

Other innovations include the ability to work with upcoming Sony Xperia Smart Products. These include:

  • Xperia Ear, Sony’s in-ear and hands-free Smart Product that brings a new way of communicating, will be available to purchase from November 2016.
  • Xperia Projector and Xperia Agent combined with service from Yahoo Japan and Nestlé Japan, to give a glimpse of the user experiences.

There’s much more to these phones, and we are hoping to dig in more deeply when they are released in September (for the Xperia X Compact) and October (for the Xperia XZ.)

You can learn more here.

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