With the Robo C2 and R2 3D Printers, the Robolution Has Begun

I’m finishing a review of  an amazing Robo 3D printer, an impressive device and I’m having fun. The company just announced two new additions to their product line, the Robo C2 and Robo R2 smart 3D printers. With Wi-Fi and a new Robo app, they make 3D printing smarter, faster and more convenient.


The Kickstarter project to fund the new printers began on September 21st and is set to usher in the next-generation of consumer 3D printing!

Robo is a company that makes the highly rated consumer 3D printers. The two new additions to its growing product line are the Robo C2 and Robo R2. These are smart 3D printers with Wi-Fi that are powered by a new Robo app. When developing these new printers Robo totally redesigned and reimagined both next-generation printers. Their goal was to “exceed consumer expectations while defining the new industry status quo with a wish-list set of innovative features required in a modern, connected smart device; making 3D printing fun, easy and accessible to everyone.”


They turned to Kickstarter for funding for specific reasons. As they explain,

Touching on the cornerstone of its success on Kickstarter three years ago, Robo is once again using this same platform to continue telling its story of innovation and creation that allowed it to launch and cultivate its fan base. And it’s because of those Kickstarter fans’ continued support and inspiration that the company returns back to Kickstarter to give the community access to an exclusive limited run prior to the general market release in November.

You can find the project here.


The Robo C2 compact in size and, thanks to its small footprint, is engineered to fit any space. Despite its small size, however, it can scale nearly any project with great detail and efficiency.


The larger Robo R2 offers high-performance 3D printing. It is the successor to Robo R1+PLUS and delivers a larger print size and a heated print bed. It also has an onboard camera for remote print monitoring and the ability to print two materials at once. (This requires an additional extruder head that is sold separately. Both printers feature built-in Wi-Fi, fast print speed, the ability to create products of substantial sizes, have large color touch screens, automatic self-leveling print beds, integrated model slicing and lament run-out detection. These are full-features 3D printers designed for anyone wanting to jump into this amazing new world of creativity.


As Braydon Moreno, co-founder of Robo, explains:

Working non-stop at our San Diego headquarters, we’ve redesigned our printer from the inside out and see it as an incredible opportunity to continue pushing the boundaries in this space, while providing an unforgettable consumer experience. Robo C2 and Robo R2 will continue empowering people to make the imagined real as they bring their ideas to life with our simple-to- use technologies and create anything from prototypes of new products, to household items, to customized and personalized pieces. We know the future of 3D printing is bright and that future’s now with these two new products — coupled with the ride that is the Robolution.

img_1751Robo C2 anmd R2

A key aspect of the new printers is the new Robo app. This app, which works with both printers, lets people connect and print right from their mobile device. It also lets them monitor the printing progress in real-time, manage multiple prints and printers at once, connect to cloud libraries and lets them access thousands of 3D models. The app also lets people make in-app purchases of filaments, accessories, print kits and more.) finally, it offers access to 24/7 support and helpful tutorials.

Robo was previously Robo3D but, with the reveal of these new printers they have renamed themselves simply Robo. With the new Robo C2 and Robo R2, the rebranded company achieves its goal of giving anyone with an idea, a vision or a purpose the tool needed to help turn their passion into a physical reality, as quickly and as easily as possible right from a mobile device. The Robo C2 product page is here. The Robo R2 product page is here.

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