SVALT High-Performance Cooling Dock: Prevent Workstation Meltdowns

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SVALT High-Performance Cooling Dock: Prevent Workstation Meltdowns Listen to this article

Do you use your laptop as your main computer, hooked to a monitor and keyboard when you’re working at your desk? Then you probably know it doesn’t take much before the fan starts whirring and your laptop starts to get hot. If that’s your experience, then you’ll want to take a look at the new SVALT High-Performance Cooling Dock.


Crafted from “solid aluminum in Portland, Oregon to elevate and prominently display Apple and other premium laptops. The SVALT D2 seamlessly merges with the laptop to transforms it into a high-productivity desktop workstation without requiring any laptop modifications.

The SVALT D2 has a powerful, desktop-sized fan housed in a “massive aluminum heat sink”. The fan “drives cooling air directly onto laptop processors to help overcome heat induced throttling and maintain peak performance while under heavy and sustained workloads. A laptop temperature sensor and automatic speed control provide simple set-it-and-forget-it operation that intelligently delivers silent to overwhelming cooling power over the course of the workday.”


ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

The SVALT D2 cooling system has a fan that will automatically adjust from 900 to 3600 RPM based on how hot or cool your laptop is running. You also have the option of blasting the Turbo mode at any time; it immediately speeds the fan to 3200 RPM for 5 minutes or until manually deactivated. There are custom modes that can be run, and an LED lets you visually know what’s going on.

No modifications are required if you are using the SVALT D2 with your MacBook Pro retina; it will also work perfectly with the MacBook Air and RazorBlade laptops in clamshell mode configuration.

An adjustable laptop retention pad helps to accommodate a wide range of compatible devices, such as clamshell laptops, convertible touch-screen laptops, tablets, devices with or without thin protective cases, and offers the flexibility to support future models and devices. The pad design allows the laptop to stay docked during the power-on process to avoid accidental cable disconnection or a laptop drop.


Interested? You’re in luck, as you can purchase one for $295 starting today.

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