Astronauts In Space Can Vote, So You Have No Excuse!

It’s a very tense Election Day for America, so the Washington Post has helpfully added a bit of levity by investigating a key question: Can astronauts who are in space vote?

International Space Station ISS

International Space Station ISS

The answer is yes, there is a special absentee ballot for astronauts that they can email to the county clerk. Amazingly, it required a law to be passed in Texas in order to create the process! The article isn’t entirely clear, but I am assuming based on the references to a Texas law that astronauts are considered residents of Texas due to the John Space Center being located there. (And because “low earth orbit” is not represented in Congress yet!)

Here’s a video from an astronaut on the International Space Station discussing how she’s able to vote!

So remember, no matter how far your drive to the polling place, or how long the line is, at least you didn’t require a state law, NASA, and an encrypted ballot to vote!

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