Harry’s Shaving Update: 10 Months In, and I’m Still a Fan!

It is now November, and it’s been about 10 months from when I started receiving regular shipments from Harry’s. Since I started, not only has the price gone down, but the blades and the handles have had an update, and Harry’s has made the first push into brick and mortar stores, namely Target.

I am still sold on Harry’s shaving supplies and am very happy.


Harry’s is constantly updating its products and making things even better than they were before. First, the blades themselves have had an update by adding a blade on the back of the cartridge in a similar way to the Gillette Fusion blades I used to use. This has basically made me a Harry’s fan for life! Plus they have changed both the Truman which was my first handle and the Winston by adding rubber grips on the handles.  This makes you less likely to drop the razor if you are, like me, a shower shaver. If they had only done that, it would still be worth using Harry’s, but they’ve also reduced the plan I was on from $30 to $27, which is an amazing deal.  I love that they keep improving the product without sacrificing anything else or increasing the price. I’ve also started adding a 3rd shave gel to my monthly plan or I have occasionally added a cover or other items to my order, and I find it super convenient to do this whenever I need to replenish items I do not need right away like covers, another handle or more.

However, until recently if you ran out you had to pick up some other sort of shave gel or other product or even a different razor just to keep your face nice and smooth. Well, Harry’s has now fixed that by partnering up with Target. You can get blades, shave gel, shave cream, and even handles at your local Target for the SAME price you would pay from Harry’s. Now if you are running low and you need something to get you through until your next shipment, it’s a convenient trip to Target and you are ready to tackle the morning.


Harry’s reached out to me and sent the new Winston handle to check out as well as their travel kit. The Winston feels every bit as nice as the Truman, except the handle is made of metal. It’s well-balanced, and with the addition of the rubber grips on the handle, it is now my favorite handle that they currently offer. There is no danger of dropping this razor from your slick hands if you are, like me, a shower shaver. The only issue I can see with this well-crafted handle is that it is double the cost of a Truman; I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but it sure looks nice!


If you are traveling for the holidays, and if you have not yet received your Harry’s shipment for November or December, then why don’t you take a look at adding the Harry’s Travel Kit?  The outside is gray with a metal Harry’s Woolly Mammoth logo on the side, and it is made from a quality waterproof fabric. The travel kit has a pocket on the outside which is ideal for slipping your shave handle in its cover, and the inside is large enough to fit your can of Shave Gel, a pack of blades, and some travel size body wash, shampoo, and the other things you might need while on the road.

The inside of the kit is white, and it has pictures of various landmarks around the world like the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, and an Easter Island Head. This is the perfect kit for packing your toiletries while on your holiday travels. The Travel Kit is $25 dollars direct from Harry’s, and if you are a subscriber you can easily add it to any order.


If you are looking for a unique gift for your favorite guy, why don’t you drop by Target and get him some Harry’s Shave Products? If he isn’t a subscriber, he may turn into one! 🙂

MSRP: Shave Plan $27, Winston Handle $20 and Travel Kit $25

What I Like: I’m still a Harry’s Fan — they are cheaper than the products I used to use, and after 10 months using the products, I think they are a higher quality product than my old brand

What Needs Improvement: The addition of Target is awesome, but they only carry a subset of the Harry’s line; Target does have the stuff you need to keep using your Truman or Winston Handle

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