iClever BTS-05 and BTS-07 Bluetooth Speakers Offer Good Sound and Great Value

Bluetooth wireless speakers have burst onto the scene like gangbusters. Recently I received a pair of BoostSound Bluetooth speakers from iClever and after spending some time with each I can see the attraction and need for items such as the iClever BTS-05 and BTS-07.

iClever BTS-05 and BTS-07/Image by Author

iClever BTS-05 and BTS-07/Image by Author

The two speakers share many characteristics in that they utilize dual drivers (speakers) in each single unit and operate on the latest Bluetooth technology. They each run on rechargeable lithium batteries and also have auxiliary 3.5mm input jacks. They are stylish and offer very good sound quality in small packages.

Images courtesy iClever

Images courtesy iClever


The BTS-07 is actually the smaller unit despite the higher model number. It features two 3W drivers and offers 10 hours playtime on a single charge. It has a built-in microphone so it can be used for hands-free phone calls and has a nice streamlined design for taking on trips or getaways. The Bluetooth range is rated at up to 10 meters or nearly 33 feet. There is an auto off function and it allows users to seek music tracks forward and back. The kit arrives with micro USB charging cable, 2’ 3.5mm audio cable, user manual, and warranty card.


The sound quality for this device is quite good. While its smaller size does not reproduce the lower notes as larger Bluetooth speakers they do a very good job of providing a near full range of sound with only slight cutoff at the low-end of the frequency response and little bit off the high-end. Vocals and instruments are reproduced very nicely and there is even hints of stereo separation with this little unit.

Pricing for the iClever BTS-07 is $29.99 and is available on Amazon.com.



The BTS-05 is the big brother to the BTS-07. It utilizes larger drivers for a total of 20W of power and the battery can operate up to 12 hours on a single charge. iClever even boasts the BTS-05 as being waterproof, making it a perfect speaker for taking just about anywhere.


The BTS-05 is a bit larger than the BTS-07 and therefore offers better bass reproduction. This unit was a surprise to my ears, especially with a pricetag of only $35.99. I was expecting this speaker to cost quite a bit more. It offers the same functions as its smaller sibling while delivering better sound and better channel separation. It also features a rubber coating and is offers in the same stylish black housing and red face as the BTS-07.


The musicality of this speaker was quite the surprise and I would recommend this device for small party gatherings both inside and out. Use it on the patio, in the campground, in the RV, even on the lake.

The BoostSound Bluetooth speakers from iClever offer very good value and good sound reproduction. They not only make great gifts, but they should find their way into your lifestyles as well. More information can be found at www.iClever.com.


Source: Review samples provided by the manufacturer.

What I Like: Portability; good sound reproduction; double as hands-free phone devices

What Needs Improvement: Nothing, they work as advertised and offer a great value

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