Dollar Shave Club: A Practical, Thoughtful, and Sure to Be Appreciated Gift

If you’re struggling with what to get the guy who has everything, Dollar Shave Club may be the answer. You may recognize their name from radio ads, but you might have been hesitant to buy a relatively inexpensive razor and blades from a subscription service. After all, how good could it possibly be, right? Turns out, the products are very good.


I was sent the membership gift box. Inside there is an Executive razor handle ($9), a set of 6 Executive cartridges (also $9), a 3 ounce travel size of Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter ($6), and a 3.5 ounce bottle of Dr. Carver’s Post Shave Cream ($9).

The Executive razor handle is weighty and balanced; it feels good in hand, and it doesn’t slip if you are using it in the shower. The Executive shaving head has six blades, and it delivers a smooth shave. I gave it a try on my legs and was suitably impressed. The shave butter is creamy, non-greasy, and gentle; it only takes a little bit to get maximum effect. DSC says it is paraben and sulfate free, and it is formulated to soften hair and fight razor bumps. The post shave cream is soothing and calming to your just shaved skin. Both the shave butter and the post shave cream have a slightly herbal and woodsy scent; they smell good without being too strong.

Also included when you buy a 12-month gift membership is the $25 DSC traveler, the travel bag made specifically for all of your DSC products and other toiletries you don’t leave town without. The bag is composed of water-resistant waxed canvas, and it has lots of pockets and slots for all of your necessities. The bag is very well made, and it should last for years.

At $55 for up to 3 months, $85 for up to 6 months, and $140 for up to 12 months, Dollar Shave Club is a fab gift for just about anyone. I tried the set I was sent, but it took Kev about 5 minutes to let me know it was his now. Alrighty then. 😉

If you’re not sure about the gift box, and if you are concerned about what a membership to Dollar Shave Club entails, don’t be. The idea behind the club is that you’ll get great shaving products at a discount, sent directly to your door. There are no commitments, you can change the frequency of your blade delivery, and you can change your shaving plan at any time. You can read more about that here. You can decide what kind of razer and plan you want by looking here — one plan is as low as $3 per month after your first month.

My husband was using a popular supermarket brand, and besides the fact that 5 blades were $9.99, I was the one who had to remember to pick them up for him when grocery shopping. DSC is less expensive and much more convenient for both of us; he’s getting a membership.

You can get a Dollar Shave Club Gift Box for yourself, a loved one, or a friend by clicking here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Quality razors that work well and are refilled every month; Great shaving products that are gentle to the skin; Extremely thoughtful gift that almost anyone will enjoy

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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