Benuo’s iPhone 7 Cases Are Ultra Slim and Their Leather’s So Soft

Have any plans of getting an iPhone 7 for the holidays but looking for a nice and inexpensive leather case to go with it? You might want to check out the Beuno Cases for the iPhone 7/7+.


I received Benuo’s premium Genuine leather card case ($19.99) from their Vintage series and honestly, it’s a pretty decent case. For a brand that I’ve never heard before, the quality of this case is actually very good. The inside of the case itself has a durable microfiber that will not only protect your Jet Black iPhone 7 from micro-abrasions and hairline scratches, but it will also protect it in your pocket.

While the case is completely exposed on the bottom similar to Apple’s own leather cases, what stands out the most is that the case features three individual card slots that I placed my ID, bank card, and my metro card to get to work inside. I’m attempting to be more minimalistic and carrying the bare essentials, so having three slots on the back of my phone for my cards is helpful. Unlike most wallet cases, though, the Benuo card case actually fits snug so the cards won’t fall out after repeatedly inserting them after use.


One knock that I did have about the case is that the sides are not protected. This isn’t the first leather case that I have used before, and that could play a factor, but having the buttons exposed on my iPhone defeats the purpose of the case. Even if I just wanted the smallest ounce of protection, I rather have the sides of the case protected than the bottom, so it’s a bit of a bummer that Benuo didn’t include the ability to have the volume and power buttons to be covered.


Outside of that, the Benuo is a cheap case that not only will get the job done in terms of carrying your cards, if you can get over the fact your buttons are fully exposed, the soft leather, especially when worn over time feels great, looks great and dare I say smell great (hopefully that doesn’t make me sound weird).

Nevertheless, you can actually check out the Benuo case on Amazon for $19.99 and it is available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at the same price in three colors. What are you waiting for?!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Leather is soft, and the cards will fit snug

What Needs Improvement: Needs to cover the side buttons

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