iDevices Instant Switch Adds Additional Controls to Your Home

iDevices, one of the top names in the connected home market has released a new HomeKit enabled product that makes your home that much more smarter.

The Instant Switch by iDevices is a wireless “remote” according to the brand that is allows smart home enthusiasts to designate additional points of power control anywhere in your home, in the event you are too lazy to turn appliances on and off, and your cell phone is not in reach. All of this is completely wireless by the way, and like the most recent accessories by iDevices not only work with HomeKit, but comes Alexa-enabled which is awesome if you got yourself an Echo over the holidays.

Users can now mimic a permanent light switch with the Instant Switch as it can not only be fitted over any other wall plate, but with use of a 3M stick-on Command adhesive backing to place it directly on a wall. With a two-year lifespan, the Instant Switch creates an instant three-way control for those who don’t just want an additional wall switch on another quadrant of the room. Available for $49.95 in mid-2017, you can find out more information on iDevices Instant Switch look here.

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