Aura Is a Less Intrusive Home Security System That Will Go with Your Decor

Turning your home into a smart one seems to be a common thing in recent years here at CES, and one company in particular wants to make your smart home a bit more secure with the first ever smart home system that protects without cameras.

Aura Is a Less Intrusive Home Security System That Will Go with Your Decor

Okay now here me out, I know you’re a bit of a skeptic after reading that headline. But that’s the beauty in CES, there’s a product you think sounds absolutely absurd, but when you find out the details, they’ll intrigue you, and that’s exactly what Cognitive System’s Corporation has done with the announcement of their Aura. Available for pre-order this Sunday, the Aura is labeled as a thoughtful home security system that allows you to detect and monitor motion, without the use of cameras. And no, it’s not just “a motion sensor”.

Aura Is a Less Intrusive Home Security System That Will Go with Your Decor

Using the technology patented by Cognitive Systems, the members of your home will be notified via smartphone of unauthorized motion that occurs in any room of your home without needed to physically see the intruder. Even if you are present in your home, the two-piece system can be placed with your average home décor, even in rooms where you’d rather not have cameras like bedrooms to recognize the presence of known members of your home, and those who are not. The Aura gives you a timeline of activity in your home, including patterns of when there’s movement according to the location.

One intriguing thing about the Aura is it’s integration with IFTTT, which means it will soon able to interact with other like smart home products including the Amazon Alexa, Nest, the possibilities are endless. More accurate than a motion detector, and less intrusive than a home camera the Aura will come with a free app for iOS and Android, and will allow you to see Live, 12 hour, and weekly summaries. You can pre-order your Aura today at for $499.

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