Small Pets Have a Place to Roam with the Pop-Up Pet Playland

If you or your children have a small handheld pet at home, but don’t have a place for that pet to play within your home, then you should check out Multipet’s Pop-Up Pet Playland.


Small Pets Have a Place to Roam with the Pop-Up Pet Playland

Originally a Kickstarter that has since gone live, the interactive 3D playground is ideal for hamsters, mice, gerbils, hermit crabs and more. Essentially a pop-up book for your small pet gives you a wide, yet private area for your animal to roam around freely without getting lost in your home. A very fun interactive area for your pet, you can carry it everywhere with you go, perfect for a road trip, or to entertain your child when at home as well. Featuring a slide, a seesaw, a tunnel, a ladder, stairs and more, the Pop-Up Playland is a safe way for your pet to get some exercise without being enclosed in a shoebox or a glass container. The eight-year-old creator hated the fact that when they wanted to interact with their pet, they had to reach over the glass, making it difficult to truly have fun with their furry animal, thus the Pop-Up Playground was invented.

Sure, hamster balls can be fun, but there’s no true interaction there. Why not have something more original, yet simple? Since the Pop-Up Playland is all soy-based not only is it completely safe, but its laminated floor allows for quick clean up in case your critter makes an accidental mess.

Multipet’s Pop-Up Playland is currently only $10.07 on Amazon [affiliate link], but you can also purchase it from Bed, Bath & Beyond (where it’s $19.99) as well. This would be a perfect gift for any child who wants to spend a bit more time with their four (or more) legged friend.

For more information on the Pop-up Pet Playland, head here today.

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