Stop Taking Off Your Gloves to Type This Winter with Moshi’s Digits

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Moshi’s Digit Touchscreen Gloves are the best way to keep warm while using your smartphone this winter.

Stop Taking Off Your Gloves to Type This Winter with Moshi's Digits

While it hasn’t been a lot of snow this season, there have been a few really chilly days outside. And like clockwork every year, I can never find my gloves. There’s always one hand missing, or none at all. So I searched for a pair of gloves that not only would keep my hands warm to fight the temperatures outside, but will still give me the ability to use my phone as I see fit. Then Moshi’s Digit Touchscreen Gloves arrived at my doorstep.

Stop Taking Off Your Gloves to Type This Winter with Moshi's Digits

I’ve only been using them for a few weeks, but hands down (and out of pocket) the Moshi Digits are the best touchscreen gloves I’ve used to date. Even to the point where I’ve actually put the thumbs of the gloves as my touch ID. Oh you didn’t know you could do this? Me either until I looked at an article over at Gizmodo. Now I will say, this doesn’t exactly work perfectly with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus dude to the new “home button”, but I was able to do it with my iPhone 6 Plus just fine, just to be clear.

Stop Taking Off Your Gloves to Type This Winter with Moshi's Digits

In terms of warmth, the Moshi Digits feature a dual layer of material that for some reason keep your hands surprisingly warm even when the winds are gusting at high speeds. I found the fit of the gloves to mesh with my hands perfectly, and while there was no sharp tip like the previous North Face touchscreen gloves I lost in 2015, the Moshi Digits seem to be way more accurate in finding keys and pressing them accordingly even outdoors. On the inside palm there’s a nice fiber material that even lets me wrist my wrists to type on my iPad Pro if I’m sitting waiting for a train outside which I think is pretty neat. They feel pretty regular like something you’d probably find at Marshall, but for some reason I see these lasting longer than those cheaper bands that will thread over time.

Stop Taking Off Your Gloves to Type This Winter with Moshi's Digits

Now I don’t have an issue in the world browsing on my phone (once it is unlocked of course) with my gloves on, and now you don’t have to ever worry about not being connected for long when you’re outdoors in bad weather. These are a must have if you are looking for a great pair of touchscreen gloves, but want warmth as well. At $29.95, they are a steal, and worth every penny.

For more information on the Moshi Digits, head over to their site today.

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What I Like: Most comfortable touch screen gloves I’ve used; functions with iPhone 7 Home button

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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