TwelveSouth’s BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

If you are a fan of TwelveSouth’s products, and happen to have an iPad Pro, you really need to check out the BookBook Hardback Leather Case for Apple’s iPad Pro tablet. They sent us over a unit to check out, so let’s dive right into it.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

Available in Brown or Rutledge I received the latter, and over the course of the past month have used it frequently every single day as my go-to iPad Pro case.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

What’s special about the BookBook that makes the brand such a fan favorite is the ability to stand out, without being overly gaudy. This may not be the case with the blatant red casing I’ve decided to go for, however, after weeks of aging and normal wear and the BookBook has started to take a look all its own, to the point I hate tossing it in my backpack when it’s time to leave work. I told Carly back in 2016, I was going to attempt to go strictly iPad for a few months just to see if I could manage it, and the BookBook has been a huge help in this.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro is already huge enough, so TwelveSouth’s BookBook obviously adds more to the form factor, to the point, if you’re on public transportation, it’s pretty obvious you’re not reading a “Book” this large, and it’s obviously just a case for your iPad (unless you’re into law book reading on the train then you’re exempt). The BookBook also features two zippers that close up your tablet keeping it protected against drops and the elements, although not waterproof at all. Each zipper had a nice tab at the end that’s stitched pretty well so it will hold up over the test of time which I think is great if you’re the type who pays close attention to detail.

On the outer spine of the BookBook you get an awesome design that comes to you pre-worn giving it that look of a used book I thought was pretty neat. Even little details like the spine having ridges at certain points gives it the ability to not only be carried without it slipping through your finger, but it just gives you that good old library feeling.


iPad’s tend to get filthy on the screen from all of the swiping and typing, so the fact that on the inside of the BookBook TwelveSouth offers you a microfiber inside, while it won’t remove the fingerprints for you, it’s nice that it can help eliminate buildup, all the while keeping your iPad Pro protected in a sense.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

On the inner spine of the BookBook is a nice leather Apple Pencil Holder that works with the accompanying nylon strap to keep your Apple Pencil secure when on the go.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

I’ve tweaked my Apple Pencil with a magnet so I can attach it to things so I won’t forget, so, while it fits perfectly into the nylon strap, it does not fit inside of the holder all the way, but no worries.


It’s worth mentioning TwelveSouth didn’t include any slots for documents or papers like you’d find from their iPhones wallet versions, so if you’re looking for a do-all case that will allow you to transport important documents, this is not the case for you. And nope, it will not hold your credit cards for you either.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

What the BookBook does allow though is the ability to view in different angles, perfect for a long plane ride or road trip if you’re a movie watcher. In terms of typing, if you don’t have an external keyboard, actually like typing on the iPad screen, there’s an integrated kickstand that allows you to type comfortably as if you were using a regular desktop keyboard. While this means you’d lose screen retail, if you’re typing casually (and not writing a novel), this will certainly get the job done for you.

TwelveSouth's BookBook Makes My iPad Pro Look More Aesthetic

Overall, I use my BookBook every day, and while it’s a big larger than most cases on the market, it looks and feels top of the line, and at $100 it may not be the cheapest, but you won’t find a better looking leather-bound book in any library.


For more information on TwelveSouth’s BookBook, head over to their site today.


Source: manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Elegant look and design, kickstand feature makes it easy to type on

What Needs Improvement: Possibly more swivel/viewing angles


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