X-Doria Stash Case for iPhone 7 Protects and Lets You Travel Light

The X-Doria Stash Case for iPhone 7 is under $20, but it feels and functions like a far more expensive case. It’s highly protective and holds a couple of cards without becoming a bulky brick of a case. That makes it a great option for anyone who is looking to travel light but still needs a license and credit card.

The iPhone and Apple Pay mean there are times when you really don’t need much more than your iPhone. Sure, you will still want a license, health insurance card and perhaps a credit card but that really is all you need. That’s why a wallet case makes more sense than ever for people who use the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. And while you can pay a small fortune for such a case, with the X-Doria Stash Case for iPhone 7 you won’t need to. Yes, for just $19.99 you can, as X-D0ria puts it, “Leave your wallet at home with the Stash iPhone 7 wallet case by X-Doria.”

This is how the company describes this case:

Stash is an iPhone 7 Case with a sleek design that keeps your cards and cash concealed. Designed to not look like a wallet, Stash has a quick access, rear panel that slides away so you can store and access up to 2 cards/IDs. Stash includes an interior rubber lining, your cards to do not touch or rub against your iPhone when stored.

What I like about the X-Doria Wallet Case for iPhone 7 is that, when it is closed, it doesn’t really look like anything more than a simple TPU case.

The inside is a sturdy, well-fitting TPU material that is soft to the touch but string enough to absorb shocks and jolts. The softness of the interior of the case means it won’t scratch or damage your phone. The TPU-ness of the case means that, if dropped, the impact.

A raised front lip offers just enough lay-on-the-table protection so, if you put your phone screen down on a table or desk the two won’t come into contact.

And, of course, the TPU material covers and protects the button while still allowing for full access and functionality.

The back of the case has a metallic piece of solid polycarbonate. This is where the “wallet” aspect of the case comes in.

This not only deflects impacts and scratches but slides down to reveal a compartment that holds up to three cards. (They say two cards in the material but I found that three can fit… albeit snuggly.)

For me, three cards are probably one or two too few, but by only including a slot for this number the case still feels like a case rather than a case that is also a bulky wallet. In other words, the choice they made may not serve my particular needs, but it does strike the right balance between case and wallet.


  • Hard PC case with TPU bumper; One piece construction
  • Hidden card slot slides open to fit up to 2 cards and securely locks closed
  • Protective interior lining safeguards cards while stored
  • Minimal design is slimmer than wallets and sleek in appearance.

I like this case a lot. It looks good, protects well, and lets you travel light. And it is under $20! Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Sample

What I Like: Looks good; Protects well; Lay-on-the-table protection; Has a slot for two, or perhaps three cards

What Needs Improvement: The balance between case and wallet is good but it falls a card or two short for my needs

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