OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

At the start of 2017, Judie wrote a review of the OPCOM GrowBox hydroponic system. It lets her grow a variety of vegetables and herbs inside her home, and it is an impressive system; you can read her review here. At CES 2017, OPCOM introduced the GrowFrame; it looks amazing.

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

The company explains:

OPCOM Farm’s line of advanced indoor gardening systems enable anyone to easily grow their favorite vegetables, herbs, sprouts, flowers, fruits, and even medicine plants all year round. These next-generation soil-free gardens use hydroponic growing technology and proprietary full spectrum LED grow lights to enable 25% faster growth and approximately 90% less water than outdoor gardening. In addition, they eliminate the traditional challenges of weeding, pests and weather, enabling anyone to grow fresh vegetables even during winter.

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

Lest you think this is some small, “just for fun” science experiment, OPCOM notes that their Farm systems can provide 50-75 plants. That can yield a harvest substantial enough to cover much of a family’s vegetable needs. Of course, the larger systems can also be used to grow food for businesses such as a company cafeteria or in a restaurant but I think the real fun here is that they let people grow their own veggies at homer.

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

Science and nature create a one-two punch that yields amazing crops

The open frame design Judie reviewed can handle plants over 3 feet tall; it can even be used to grow vining plants. For even bigger plants, up to 6 feet tall, you can add the optional flower plant kit. This provides an extra 800W of “sunlight simulated growing light”, giving those larger plants the light, and room, they need. And, yes, while we are talking lettuce and parsley here, the company does note the system can be used, and I quote, “even for growing the medicine plant.” (I’m assuming they mean camomile for medicinal teas?)

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

They describe the GrowBox, the system Judie reviewed, this way:

Open frame design can accommodate plants over 3 feet tall or vining plants. GrowBox’s optional flower plant kit have extra 800W professional sunlight simulated growing light that can light up 6 feet tall plant. The function is perfect for the professional user, even for growing the medicine plant is possible.

At CES, however, they announced new products.

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

Grow flowers…

There is the GrowFrame. It has an energy-efficient auto mode that controls light and water cycles. Better still, it only uses 0.44kW of electricity per day.

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

…or grow veggies!

As they explain, it’s:

Versatile intuitive design let it can be easily placed on the table, like a farm in the kitchen; or hang on the wall vertically as a garden decoration/ living art, like an air purifier can bring fresh air.

Judie also got her first live look at the GrowWall.

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

The GrowWall can handle up to 75 plants while still having a space-saving, vertical design. Five different levels mean there is enough space to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs. It is, “the best garden wall, [and] can create an amazing decoration in office, classroom, and restaurant.”

OPCOM Releasing the GrowFrame for Home Farmers

The key to each of their systems is that when you grow vegetables and herbs inside you don’t have to worry about the crop being affected by air and water pollution, absorbing heavy metals from the soil, or having pesticide residues to compromise your health. At the same time, because you are growing inside you won’t need to worry about the weather. That’s especially important right now considering the temperature in New Jersey offered us balmy spring days in February which, just two days later, turned into temperatures in the teens. With OPCOM’s products, the impact of climate disruption won’t be an issue!

We are hoping to review more of their products and will have more details as the new offerings come to market. For now, check them out here.

Right now there is a special going on at OPCOM Farm: Two GrowBox units for $698. The Promotion Period will last until 03/15/2017.


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