Pyle’s Latest Audio System Is a Blast From the Past

Pyle USA has just added another innovative product to add to their already impressive fleet of audio products with their Bluetooth Vertical Turntable.

Pyle's Latest Audio System Is a Blast From the Past

If you ask many music lovers, they will tell you the same thing: Vinyl is better than digital. There was no greater feeling than walking into a record shop, digging through crates, and popping a record onto a turntable. And starting today for $119.99, the Vertical Turntable by Pyle looks to defy gravity by giving you that vinyl sound without what plagued vinyl pellets for many, many years: skipping records. My grandmother to this day still has crates of Vinyl records in her basement that I cannot touch for fear of damaging, but I remember vividly as a child hearing old blues albums and vinyl’s of Richard Pryor on Saturday mornings when I would go to visit her. So when Pyle announced the Vertical Turntable, I immediately jumped at the chance of playing those records that I would never find on Spotify or iTunes.

The Vertical Turntable takes a leap into the modern era while keeping a firm foot in the past, all while bridging the gap in between. With the turntable not only can you play your records in the same three-speed compatibility as those old school turntables from “back in the day”, but you can actually still play your favorite tunes directly from your device via USB or Bluetooth. Imagine hearing that melody that you or your parents grew up on, played back in either 33, 45 or even 78 RPM through the speakers of today, giving you a listening experience made to make you reminisce.

What’s more unique about this turntable is you can take the records from the past, and actually convert them into MP3s thanks to the Vertical Turntable coming bundled with everything you’d need in order to have that vinyl sound in today’s modern world, especially considering all of the limitations artists from the past and present have put on their music being streamed for free on many of those public platforms.

Not only does the Vertical Turntable promise to sound incredible that won’t be distorted, but it will also bring a piece of nostalgia to past and present generations in your family for years to come. In a world where iTunes reigns supreme, one thing is for sure, vinyl records retain plenty of value, as well as audio quality. If you’ve never been into vinyl, or simply want to hear music with all of the pops and crackles of surface noise you may have seen in the movies, giving you that warmth of audio you’d possibly have to buy an awesome stereo system or amplifiers to notice, you should check out Pyle’s latest product for sure.

For more information on the Vertical Turntable by Pyle, head over to their site today!

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