Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

Moshi is notorious for having some quality products and accessories for everyday products such as your smartphone, tablet and more, but what about your bag? We’ve got the Moshi Venturo Backpack, a slim laptop bag that takes everything we love about traditional backpacks and adds a messenger bag flair that gives it a unique approach that only Moshi could pull-off.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

Designed with the commuter in mind, the Moshi Venturo Backpack is more of a crossbody design that maximizes on not just portability but functionality as well.  At a modest price of $119.95, the Venturo is available in five different colors. I received the Bahama Blue, which was a welcome change from the traditional all black bags I typically go for.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

Moshi states that the bag is wide enough to carry a laptop up to 15-inches as well as a tablet which I was able to do comfortably with my MacBook Air 11-inch and my iPad Pro 12.9-inch with little effort. But what makes this bag unique isn’t the fact that it can hold your notepad, tablet, and laptop, but rather it’s ergonomics. Have you ever been in a situation where you have to grab your phone cable out of your bag for a quick charge but dread having to physically take the bag off in order to do it? Well with the Moshi Venturo Backpack’s design, you can actually sling the bag from sitting on your back around your shoulders to the front in order to grab the gear that you might need which I think is phenomenal.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

I originally thought the design was a bit odd because although I have a bit of fashion sense, I thought the having a “one strap backpack” looks a bit weird. Imagine having a traditional messenger bag, but instead of it sitting on your lower back, it actually sits upright, like a traditional backpack. It’s fully functional as both, but having that free arm I thought was pretty interesting at first. But the more and more I used the bag I began realizing my normal day-to-day use of the bag became easier. From grabbing my laptop out quickly when I needed it, down to my commute to and from. Now when on a train, instead of bumping people with my bag, I manage to be able to just sling the bag to the front, so not only is it protected from thieves, but it won’t bother another person’s personal space with my gear that I commute with.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

In terms of storage, it’s great as well. The larger portion of the bag fits all of my essentials including the items I previously listed, and my accessories bag that I house my cables, wireless earbuds, and hard drive.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

The front slant pocket of the bag is great as well, giving you enough room to toss a few pens in there or a battery pack if you opt on using one. To the right of the slanted pocket is an insert that you can throw a book or notepad in which is pretty handy as well. Kudos to Moshi for managing to create a bag that’s not only easy to use but functions as an all-in-one bag.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

Then there’s comfort. The Moshi Venturo I can say is one of the most comfortable messenger/backpacks I’ve personally used. With a padded air mesh strap and air mesh back support it was just a delight to have on. When It arrived at my house, I know I walked around for a solid ten minutes just walking with it, gadget in tow just admiring how it didn’t make my shoulders feel weighed down, and all the while looking pretty sleek (I still would love an all-black version but that’s beside the point). When I’m tired of wearing in either backpack or messenger positions, there are not one, but two handles I can use and carry it in a briefcase manner as well.

Moshi Venturo Backpack Is an All-In-One Bag for Everyone

All in all the Venturo by Moshi is a bag that you can take from school, to work, to happy hour and not feel like you’re 16 carrying around just one backpack arm on your shoulder. The crossbody design features a quick-release strap that allows you to access the front of your bag faster which I adore, and did I mention Moshi even included a pocket that allows you to put your water bottle into? What haven’t they thought of?

Overall, the Venturo bag is the messenger bag for those who commute by bike, and the backpack for those who commute any other way. I’ve had friends who’ve since placed orders for the Moshi Venturo Backpack, and I think you should as well.

For more information on the Moshi Venturo Backpack, you should head over to their site today. 

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Air mesh back makes it super comfortable and the quick release strap is great in a pinch

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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  1. Margaret Emily Abercrombie | December 8, 2017 at 8:38 pm |

    I have the Urbana laptop bag that I absolutely adore, but it’s not quite big enough for a daily student bag. I’ve been seriously contemplating the Venturo as a replacement for my aging North Face backpack. I will be transferring to Wayne State University in Detroit next fall, and my biggest criteria for a new backpack are comfort, having no exposed pocket/storage areas for security, and being able to quickly and easily take it off/put it on as I am getting in/out of my car. On the days that I have longer breaks between classes, I’d like to be able to leave campus to eat, shop, run errands, etc. in Midtown Detroit without worrying about my backpack being an inconvenience. The Venturo seems like it would fit the bill perfectly! I especially like the zipper compartment on the back panel that is out of sight while you are wearing it. Perfect for a key fob, ID, or credit/debit card holder! The material and zippers on the Moshi bags seem to be decently weatherproof, too.

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