Arming a Child with a Camera is Very Interesting!

My son dug an old camera out of one of our drawers, and he’s been snapping non-stop photos since then. Most are blurry, but a few are decent, and one or two are surprisingly good!

His photos fall into three categories:

The “I’m going to click the shutter while apparently spinning like a Tasmanian devil doing an Irish jig” pictures:

The “Ghost or Shakeycam?” pictures:

And then there’s the “Look, a surprisingly composed photo.”

Not pictured were the approximately 75 selfies with partial thumb covering, or several toddler’s eye views of the ceiling of Home Depot, my car, and the bathroom.

Parents of toddlers, you should arm your kid with a camera and you’ll be guaranteed a good laugh. Who knows, maybe your kiddo has a secret talent? If nothing else, it gives a unique insight into how a preschooler sees the world!

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