NOMAD iPhone 7 Plus Cases: Beautiful and Functional Protection

There are plenty of iPhone cases available these days, and figuring out which one might be perfect for your iPhone can get expensive if you make the wrong choice. So I’m here to help you decide with a roundup of NOMAD iPhone 7 Plus cases. Each is practically perfect in its own way.

NOMAD iPhone 7 Plus Cases: Beautiful and Functional Protection

Whether you want drop protection in a rubberized case or rugged good looks and protection in Horween leather, one of these NOMAD iPhone 7 Plus cases will likely win you over. Let’s look!

Rugged Case for iPhone 7 Plus

My husband is one of those guys who works outdoors and needs solid protection to make sure that when (not if) he drops his iPhone, it will be protected. He’s not as worried about fashion or how a case feels in his hand as he is about how the case will perform when his phone is dropped on concrete or rocks. For folks like him, the NOMAD Rugged Case for iPhone 7 Plus is perfect.

Our ultra-rugged case is constructed from an impact-resistant, dual material technology. Advanced polycarbonate and TPU plastics enable a slim, yet structured, frame, 360º edge protection, and smart shock absorption design.

The NOMAD Rugged Case for iPhone 7 Plus has a perimeter composed of “custom thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) alloy” that has been “purposefully engineered for absorbing and dispersing impacts of drops.” The back panel of the case “is recessed 1 millimeter from the iPhone to leverage one of nature’s best insulators, air. This invisible cushion functions like a hidden airbag to provide additional drop protection. Lastly, raised edges on the front of the case provide 360º of protection for the screen while also making the case easy to take off your phone, if you dare.”

True story: I put my jet black iPhone 7 Plus in this case and tossed it hard onto a wooden floor. It bounced end over end a few times and then landed face down. Upon inspection, I found that there were no scratches or dings.

I like the honeycomb pattern on the back of the smoke gray case, as it lends a little bit of visual interest to what is otherwise a rather plain bit of protection. If you want a case that will protect your iPhone no matter how roughly you handle it, the 2-meter drop rated $19.95 NOMAD Rugged Case for iPhone 7 Plus will serve you very well.

Leather Case for iPhone

Who doesn’t love the smell of excellent leather? Horween has been around since 1905, and they are one of the best tanneries in America.

We sought to create a family of leather cases that were both protective and elegant. To do so we rely on the heritage of one of America’s oldest tanneries, the Horween Leather Co. of Chicago. Their renowned, unadulterated and vegetable tanned leather develops a patina over time, creating a handsome case with a character that is uniquely yours.

The NOMAD Leather Case for iPhone is an open-faced shell design. It is available in midnight blue, slate gray, or rustic brown, and you can get it with or without credit card slots on the back. I was sent the rustic brown and the midnight blue, and as you can see, they are lovely. Horween is high-quality vegetable tanned leather that will develop a patina over time as you scratch the case or get hand grease on it. You can see the side by side of new and old leather in the pictures on the box. I’ve already managed to put a scratch on the brown case (you can see it in the group photo at the top of this post), and I don’t even feel bad about it!

The iPhone 7 Plus fits perfectly inside: There is a cutout for the mute switch, but the volume and power buttons are covered in leather. There are cutouts at the bottom for the speaker and charging port; I appreciate that the port cutout is wider than it needs to be, so there is no issue using an aftermarket cable.

The inside of the case is lined with soft microfiber, so if you also have a jet black iPhone, you won’t need to worry about scratches on your phone.

The case offers 360º edge protection, so if it falls on a corner or even face down, your iPhone will be protected. I like that the only branding on the case is on the inside — all you will ever see (until you take your phone out) is smooth, luxurious leather.

The NOMAD Leather Case for iPhone is $39.95 for the plain back, or it’s $49.95 for the version with two credit card slots. They also sell this case for the iPhone 6/s and 6/s Plus.


Leather Folio for iPhone

It’s been a while since I reviewed a folio case on any of my phones, and using the NOMAD Leather Folio for iPhone reminded me of why I used to love this style so much. There’s just something about the way a leather-covered book feels in hand, and that’s exactly what the Folio makes your iPhone feel like.

As with the NOMAD Leather Case for iPhone, the Leather Folio will pick up a lovely patina over a lifetime of use.

Inside the Folio case, there are three credit card slots which will make the case the perfect wallet if you want to go out with just your phone, ID, a debit card, and a credit card; NOMAD says you can hold up to six cards in those slots. What more do you need on an evening out? Oh … cash! That’s just fine because there is a long slash pocket behind the credit card slots that will hold bills.

I like the way my iPhone is securely held in a sturdy matte black plastic holster that has a rubbery coating. There are wide cutouts for the camera, buttons, speakers, and charging port, and the holster does offer corner and face down protection should it ever be dropped.

The NOMAD Leather Folio for iPhone is available in midnight blue and rustic brown for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Once again, there is no branding on the case’s exterior, which is great for those who hate being an unpaid advertiser for the brand they are carrying.

NOMAD iPhone 7 Plus Cases: Beautiful and Functional Protection

The Horween leather is lovely, the stitches are straight and true, and the case feels very good in my hand.

If you like the idea of serious screen protection and being able to use your phone as your wallet, the $49.99 NOMAD Leather Folio for iPhone will be perfect for you.

Check out the NOMAD iPhone 7 Plus Cases and all the other goodies at their site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples


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