Marshall Announces Their Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

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Marshall Announces Their Monitor Bluetooth Headphones Listen to this article

Today Marshall announced their latest Bluetooth product that is sure to be on any audiophile’s list of things to buy in 2017.

Marshall Announces Their Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

Considered Marshall’s ultimate Bluetooth headphones are the Marshall Monitor Bluetooth Headphones, a premium pair of headphones that will feature Hi-Fi, Bluetooth APTX compatibilities, on top of 30+ hours of studio quality playtime on a single charge.

Marshall Announces Their Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

At first glance, the Monitor headphones by Marshall features custom-tuned 40mm dynamic drivers, giving you a Hi-Fi sound that will balance your bass in a wide frequency without compromising the clarity of the vocals. Featuring an ergonomic over-ear construction, you’ll have proper noise isolation without feeling like the headphones are super bulky, making them a great companion for a trip, or even at your desktop for long periods of time.

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Marshall Announces Their Monitor Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluetooth aptX technology offers a higher bit rate which results in excellent listening for your audio, all while minimizing media syncing issues resulting in perfect lip sync for your movies. Since the headphones are Bluetooth-enabled for up to thirty feet, you can listen wirelessly from across the room, or through the wall without any cut-outs. And you can do this for up to thirty hours on a single charge which I am really excited about. In the event you do want to plug in, there’s an option to attach a 3.5mm cord into the empty socket for plug and go audio as well.

Available in Marshall’s signature black vinyl look, the company’s script is engraved on the ear cups. Complete with brass accents, the Monitor Bluetooth have a distinct, yet supreme fit that any use will enjoy.

The Marshall Monitor Bluetooth headphones are available today for $250, and you can check them out directly from Marshall’s website today.

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