Snakebyte Nintendo Switch Accessories Roundup

The best thing about the Nintendo Switch, in my mind, is its portability and versatility. You can play it on the couch with your HDTV or you can play it on the bus or on a plane. Snakebyte’s Nintendo Switch accessories help you keep your Switch safe while you’re on the go; their line of Switch accessories starts at $9.99.

The Starter Kit

The killer accessory for me is the Starter Kit. When you plan to travel with your Switch, you want something to protect it as well as something to carry additional accessories. For around $22, you get the following with the Starter Kit:

  • A semi-hard carrying case;
  • Stereo earbuds;
  • A cleaning cloth;
  • A screen protector;
  • A game card case;
  • Joystick caps;
  • And a soft card that is used for getting bubbles out from under the screen protector.

The Starter Kit case

The Starter Kit earbuds

This Starter Kit is an absolute must if you are planning to use the Switch on an airplane or on your commute to and from work. It provides great protection and it also holds all the accessories you need for an on the go playing experience. While the included earbuds are nothing to write home about in terms of quality, I don’t expect a home theater-type sound when I’m on the train. The biggest downside to me is the screen protector, which was difficult to install and has a number of bubbles that I haven’t been able to remove, even with the included soft card. Overall, however, I think the Starter Kit is an incredible value for anyone who wants to take his or her Nintendo Switch out of the house as it was intended.

The Starter Kit screen protector

The neoprene Carry Bag

The Carry Bag is a neoprene case that also provides protection during travel, however, it’s a bit floppy and may not protect your Switch if you drop it. It may be good for taking your Switch with you on a quick errand or in a safe environment, but I would not trust it to provide much protection otherwise. The Carry Bag is nicely designed, however, using Nintendo’s classic gray and red color scheme and it includes a separate zippered pocket on the front to carry small accessories or game cards. The Carry Bag will set you back $9.99.

Snakebyte’s Nintendo Switch Headphones are foldable on-ear headphones that are nicely designed with Nintendo’s classic gray and red color scheme. They have 40mm drivers that provide decent sound quality, though you can’t expect amazing sound for $19.99. As I mentioned, they are foldable, which is a plus for travel, however, they are still relatively large when compared to the Nintendo Switch itself. They do come with a nice velour carrying sack, however. Personally, I would rather use the earbuds that came with the Starter Kit since they are small and easier to travel with.

Check out all of Snakebyte’s Nintendo Switch accessories on their website.

Source:  The Snakebyte Nintendo Switch accessories were manufacturer provided review samples

What I Like:  Starter Kit is a great value and perfect for travel or commuting; Nicely designed

What Needs Improvement:  Carry Bag does not provide much protection; Headphones are large compared to the console itself

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