BottleKeeper Keeps Your Beer Fresh and Cold

I have never been a fan of bottle cozies. They just look silly.
I have never been a fan of warm beer. After all, I’m an American not British.
Choosing between using cozies or warm beer the warm beer has always won. Now, thanks to the BottleKeeper, I don’t need to choose between silly and warm.

There is just a bit of summer left, and that means it makes sense to spend as much time outside with a cold beer as possible. Since the optimal word here is “cold” I’m rather thrilled with the review samples of the BottleKeeper I was sent. Rather than a neoprene cozies that slips over the bottom portion of your beer bottle, the BottleKeeper is a stainless steel “cover” that completely engulfs your beer. A neoprene layer sits inside the stainless steel, so your beer stays cold but, once the bottle is inside, you don’t even know it is there.

BottleKeeper is an insulated stainless steel container that keeps your beer bottle colder, longer, and sexier than ever. Cold beer not included. Bummer, we know.

There are four parts to the BottleKeeper.

The main section is a stainless steel body that looks like a small water bottle. The bottom of the “bottle” unscrews and allows you to slide a bottle into the BottleKeeper from the bottom. A neoprene sleeve sits inside the stainless steel body. It not only keeps your beer cold but it also serves as a protective layer if your bottle takes a tumble.

Once the bottle is inside you simply screw the bottom cap back into place to seal the bottle inside and have nothing but the bottle’s top showing. Getting your mouth around the bottle is made a bit more difficult, but it isn’t an issue.

The fourth and final part of the BottleKeeper is the cap. It screws into place and, while it won’t vacuum seal your beer the way the original cap did, it does create enough of a seal to keep your beer fresher than it would were the bottle simply left open to the elements.

But here’s the thing. The folks behind the BottleKeeper know that not all beer bottles are the same height, so the did something about it. As they explain,

…in order to be sure that the BottleKeeper® will work for as many bottles as possible, we custom designed the BottleKeeper Cap to have a range — while sealing the inner beer and keeping the delicious contents inside the bottle. Although the cap may not screw down all the way with some bottles, it’s working exactly as intended!

And there’s more. BottleKeeper realized that not all bottles have the same shape. That’s why they not only offer the Bottlekeeper in a few different colors, but they also offer the BottleKeeper in a number of different sizes.

There is the 12oz Standard BottleKeeper for $23.99…

…the 12oz Stubby BottleKeeper for $23.99…

and the 22oz Bomber BottleKeeper for $29.99. How do you know his BottleKeeper is right for your favorite beer? They offer this handy guide…


The list goes on so check the website.

You can also get a discount if you order a number of BottleKeepers at the same time. Check the website for details.

As I said at the start, I don’t like cozies, but I also don’t like warm beer. Thanks to the BottleKeeper I can keep my beer cold while not looking dorky holding a cozies ensconced bottle. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the BottleKeeper

What I Like: Easy to use; Available in three sizes for different styles of beer bottle; Cap adjusts so bottles of different heights can be accommodated

What Needs Improvement: Getting your mouth around the bottle opening when it is surrounded by the BottleKeeper takes some thought; Doesn’t come with beer

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