Netatmo Integrates Homekit into Their Cameras

Apple is getting very serious about competing in the smart home business, and more and more companies are joining in with Homekit compatibility. Netatmo is making sure their cameras stay competitive with new firmware updates for their outdoor and indoor cameras.

Netatmo Integrates Homekit into Their Cameras

Homekit compatibility means that in between mangling dictated text message and giving you oddball links for simple questions, Siri can also give you a peak at parts of your home using your watch, iPhone or iPad.

If you’re not familiar with Netatmo, they offer a number of devices, but their main security cameras are Presence and Welcome. Presence is an outdoor camera and floodlight that can alert you to certain activities (like a car in your driveway) while also smart enough to recognize things that aren’t a security concern (like a family of angry squirrels holding a reunion in your driveway). Meanwhile, Welcome functions as an indoor camera with facial recognition; you can set it to alert you when a stranger enters your home, as well as to recognize when the person entering is a trusted individual.

Combining these features with the convenience of Siri makes for a powerful and simple way to protect your home!

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