Jabra Elite 25e Headphones Have an Amazing Battery for up to 18 Hours of Music and Talk

If I told you there was a new in-ear, wind protected, stereo headphone set that could get up to 18 hours battery life during the day for music and talk, you’d figure they had an astronomical price, right? Well, you’d be wrong. The Jabra Elite 25e Headphones even have a dedicated Siri or Google Now button, and they’re just $79.

Jabra Elite 25e Headphones Have an Amazing Battery for up to 18 Hours of Music and Talk


With the new Jabra Elite 25e Headphones:

  • You get up to 18 hours of battery time
  • You can seamlessly switch between calls and music, on-the-go, throughout the day
  • You get superior design for optimized comfort and fit
  • You’ll enjoy wind and water resistance
  • You’ll have a dedicated Siri and Google Now button

One charge might last you for an extra long day or an entire week, depending on how often you use the headphones; this is the best battery life performance for a headset in this class. Whether you are commuting or traveling, you can take calls or listen to music without fear of your headset dying.

The neckband has bendable flex zones and the design will ensure a great fit and all-day comfort. By enhancing the fit with Jabra’s EarGels™ users get better in-ear sound. The eargels and speakers are engineered for an immersive audio experience. The new eargel design allows for a more secure and comfortable fit with less audio leakage as a result. This greatly improves the listening experience, so whether you prefer rich bass or crisp high tunes, your sound quality needs won’t be compromised.

The Jabra Elite 25e Headphones will allow you to multitask; they have a dedicated voice control button and message read out; you’ll have one-touch access to Sir or Google Now. I’m shocked that these will be just $79, and they will be available in early October!

Jabra Elite 25e Headphones Have an Amazing Battery for up to 18 Hours of Music and Talk


  • All-day music and calls. Up to 18 hours of battery time.
  • Amazing durability. Wind and water-resistant. IP54 rated.
  • Even better fit. Improved neckband and EarGelsTM design.
  • Optimal connectivity. Connects up to 8 devices via Bluetooth®, and two at the same time with Multiuse™
  • Dedicated voice control button. One-touch access to Siri® and Google Now™.
  • Exceptional sound quality. Speakers engineered for immersive audio.

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