Get Great Accessories for Your iPhone 8 Courtesy of Anker

If you’re currently looking for great accessories for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, chances are you’ve looked at Anker, one of the leaders of iPhone third-party accessories. Here are a few products that you should add to your cart that are compatible with the new Apple Flagship.

Get Great Accessories for Your iPhone 8 Courtesy of Anker

The first being the Anker Powerline II USB-C to USB 3.1 Cable. Currently going for $11.99 on Amazon, if you’ve purchased yourself a wireless charger to take full advantage of the iPhone 8’s new QI wireless features, this cable in particular features a 10Gbps data transfer speed, which is not only great if the wireless pad works via USB-C, but is fantastic even for MacBook users.

Get Great Accessories for Your iPhone 8 Courtesy of Anker

Sometimes though, wireless charging can honestly be hit or miss. If you are just old fashioned, you should truly check out the Anker Powerline II Lightning cable. At ten feet long, it’s easily one of the longest cables on the market today, and available in more than just black or white (red or blue), its great to have a cable that’s as cool in presentation as it is in practice. Being 12x stronger than others not he market, it’s reinforced internal wiring won’t fray on you, and with MFi certified fast charging, with the right power outlet, you can use the iPhone 8’s fast charging capabilities whenever you deem fit.

If you’re on the go, or a frequent traveler, look no further than the Anker PowerCore Fusion. A 2-in-1 portable charger AND wall charger, you never have to carry around an external battery pack with you when you’re on the road. The first of it’s kind, The PowerCore Fusion features high-speed charging capabilities, and with Anker’s VoltageBoost, your iPhone 8 will get an accurate charger overtime. This is one of my favorite accessories, knowing that no matter where I am, I have a charge, and even if it’s just plugged into the wall, I have sufficient battery life, no matter what.

Get Great Accessories for Your iPhone 8 Courtesy of Anker

Finally, there’s my favorite Anker product currently, the Anker Soundbuds Life. Currently on sale for $49.99, the SoundsBuds Life are my go-to bluetooth headphones at work.

They are the collared type of headphones you’ve probably seen someone wearing in the office or out on the street, but these are just perfect. Featuring dual-layer composite driver technology, the Soundbuds Life gives you a listening experience that’s just phenomenal. And with a 20 hour battery life, there have been DAYS that I’ve listened to hours of podcasts, tossed these bad boys in my bag and still had plenty of juice remaining. With an IPX5 rating, you could even take them for a long gym workout and they will hold up great. This is perfect seeing as though it looks like the iPhone going forward will be skipping the headphone jack.

For information on all of these products, you can check up Anker’s Amazon Page today!

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What I Like: Every item is iPhone 8 compatible, and super affordable

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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