BenQ E-Reading Eye-Care LED Modern Premium Designer Desk Lamp Brightens My Day and Night

I’m finally getting my home office set up in the way I have always wanted. Two of the accessories that let me write this that from BenQ. In this review we will take a look at the BenQ e-Reading eye-care LED Modern Premium Designer Desk Lamp. It not only brings light to an otherwise dark office but it also delivers a light designed for extended screen-time.

The BenQ e-Reading eye-care LED Modern Premium Designer Desk Lamp looks like no other lamp. It is refined. It is understated. And it is curved. That’s right, the lamp on this desk lamp is curved. This design choice is not, however, a matter of aesthetics. No, the curve on the lamp is there for reasons of function. It provides wider light coverage which is great if you are using it to illuminate a desk in front of a monitor. But how much wider are we talking? The curve on this lamp translates to up to 150% wider lighting coverage than you would find with a similar lamp. In practical terms, it means that, as small as it is, this lamp can illuminate my entire desk. It’s pretty amazing how much light coverage it offers!


That, however, is just the beginning. As the company explains:

The BenQ e-Reading Lamp is the best solution for lighting and reading needs. Its unique Smile Curve Technology offers an energy saving, bright, intelligent, eco-friendly and comfortable light that also reduces the contrast glare of on-screen reading. It is perfect for modern reading needs, like studying, working, browsing, and playing video games on screens in your living room, study room or office.

Let’s dig down into that a bit.

The lamp consists of two arms and the LED lamp. The first arm is a vertical arm that provides the initial height of the lamp.

It has a genie ball joint at the base that allows it to swing forward and back. Just below this joint is a female receptacle for the vertical spike that rises from the included weighted base. (This will become more important when we get to the accessory BenQ included with the lamp.)

At the top of this first piece is a second arm of equal length. It is connected to the first arm with a second genie ball joint. This allows further adjustment of the arm positions. Both joints are easy to move from one position to another but tight enough that they hold position once you are happy with their placement. No finger tightening is required.

At the top of this second arm is a “BenQ ereading genie ball joint.” It lets you move the lighting head in any direction, so you get the best illumination possible. The light offers “constant and flicker-free illumination” thanks to what BenQ ZeroFlicker technology. It is bright. It is adjustable. It is impressive!

The lighting head doesn’t appear to have much by way of controls, but it does.

The BenQ ereading Control Knob sits on top of the light. It rotates and lets you easily change the warmth of the light it is putting out. BenQ notes that warmer tones are best for casual reading and while cooler tones are best for studying and work.


The silver ring at the back of the light initially looks like it is there for decorative purposes. It does add to the light’s aesthetics, but the ring is much more than that. It the light is off, and you tap the ring it turns on. If the light is on and you tap the ring, it turns off.

And there’s more… The ring has a built-in ambient light sensor. That means if the light is off and you touch the ring for two consecutive seconds it activates the e-Reading mode sensor. This sensor automatically adjusts and optimizes the LED light to the current lightning environment. It’s pretty slick, and it works.


Finally, this could well be the last desk light you ever need to buy. If you use it for eight hours every day it will last up to 17 years! Now THAT’S what I call a good investment in lighting!


  • The world’s first LED lamp designed for e-Reading.
  • BenQ ereading wider light coverage: Light up areas by up to 150% wider than conventional lamps with BenQ’s Smile Curve technology.
  • Constant and Flicker-free illumination with ZeroFlicker technology
  • Easily adjustable for your viewing preferences: Flexible BenQ ereading genie ball joints for your precise lighting needs.
  • Versatile brightness and color temperature management.
  • BenQ ereading Control knob: Easily set the mood with the control knob. Warmer tones are for casual reading, and cooler tones are for studying and work.
  • Built-in ambient light sensor: Touch the ring for two consecutive seconds to activate the e-Reading mode sensor, automatically adjusting and optimizing the LED light to the environment for your needs.
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours! That’s 8 hours a day for 17 years!


Until the BenQ e-Reading eye-care LED Modern Premium Designer Desk Lamp arrived, my office was far too dark. In retrospect, it was probably not the best choice to make with regard eye-health. The desk lamp changed all that. It is incredibly bright. It has enough adjustments that I am able to get the light where I need it. It is adjustable so I can choose the brightness and warmth of the light that is most comfortable. And it can automatically set the light to what IT deems is best at that moment. Add in the fact that it also looks pretty cool and you have an amazingly good desk lamp at a remarkably good price. (It is currently $189 on the product page.) Plus… it can also be converted into a floor lamp. That, however, is the next review. Check it out here.

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the BenQ e-Reading eye-care LED Modern Premium Designer Desk Lamp

What I Like: Provides a tremendous amount of light; Fully adjustable to provide the best illumination where you need it; Adjustable brightness and warmth it a touch away; Senses and adjusts to the best lighting for the current environment; Looks cool

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. Seriously… nothing. I love this desk lamp and am thinking about purchasing one for my office at work

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