Shining Some Light on the OxyLED T120 Desk Lamp

In this world of multifunctional devices, the OxyLED T120 desk lamp proves that being a one-trick pony isn’t always such a bad thing. Built for reading purposes and desk work, this lamp can emit cool color light or warm color light and is great for those of us who experience eye fatigue on a frequent basis.

OxyLED T120 Desk Lamp

The purpose of the OxyLED T120 desk lamp is explained by the company this way:

If you’re struggling from periodic eye strain and stress, and the concept of an LED desk lamp or lighting solution makes you a little nervous, you might want to consider OxyLED T100/T120. This series of lamps are designed to mitigate eye strain as much as possible.

The lamp has what they refer to as a “non-flicking dimmable LED.” This is accomplished by “transmitting the PWM signal to an integrated circuit within the driving power. No high-frequency switch at all.”

Now I honestly have no idea what that means, but I can attest to the fact that there is indeed no flickering to be seen when using the lamp. Moreover, it does indeed allow you to dim the amount of light put out, and the light is generated by an LED so there is absolute truth in advertising here.

The OxyLED T120 Desk Lamp:

  • Puts out wide effective illuminated areas and no dark areas.
  • Sheds flat light and therefore serves up no ghosting.
  • Generates the light in a manner that avoids glare and is not harsh to the eyes when looking directly at light sources. (PSA- never look directly into a light source no matter what the company says.)

I honestly never thought much of the kind of light shed by a desk light until I started using this lamp. I was, until now, more interested in features and design. But reading about the OxyLED T120 Desk Lamp gave me a bit of an education with regard to the fact that all light is not emitted the same.

The cool color temperature of OxyLED’s T120 is designed to be 5000k while the warm color temperature is 3000k, which is most suitable for the reading and sheds light as soft, comfortable, refreshing and pure as the sunlight in the early morning.


That noted, the design of the lamp is also worth some attention. It’s simple design offers a clean look, but it still has a six level touch dimming functionality. It also has a memory functionality that enables the lamp to automatically resume at the brightness previously used. The lamp has a 10 years life span, and it is rated to be good for 25000 hours of use.


The lamp features:

  • Non-Flicking, No dark area, No ghosting, No glaring, Eye-Care
  • Ordinary LED lamp has extraordinary radiation while T100/T120 is truly Zero-radiation
  • Six-grade touch dimming with memory function
  • Ultra-low voltage input and lighting temperature (capped at 50°C) for absolute safety
  • Maintains over 25,000 hours of full lumen output, 10 years life span


Since I now do most of my reading off of an iPhone or iPad, I always have a backlight for my reading. At the same time, I still do some evening reading using the dead-tree variety of media. For those times it is helpful to have a reading lamp. Moreover, I like having a smaller light source both next to the bed and on the desk in my home office. It means I don’t have to turn on the overhead lights. So while the lighting technology that went into designing this lamp is above my pay grade, the fact that this simple light gets the job done well in an understated manner is not lost on me.


This simple lamp is exactly what I need next to my bed. It is small, offers six different lighting levels and, if I have it on the lowest setting one night it will be on that setting when I turn it on the next day. Elana appreciates that fact since it means there isn’t blazing light if I turn on the light when she is already asleep. You can learn more here. Buy it [Affiliate Link] here for $59.99.

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample OxyLED T120 Desk Lamp

What I Like: Simple design means it is easy to use; Puts out “thoughtfully designed” light; Offers six lighting levels; Remembers the last brightness level

What Needs Improvement: Those who want a USB port on the base for charging a smartphone will be disappointed

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