This Restaurant Chain is Letting Customers Play VR Games While They Eat

“Dinner and a show” has a new meaning in 2017, at least that is the case at Punch Bowl Social in Austin. To that effect, the innovative restaurant chain, Punch Bowl Social, is integrating immersive VR experiences with their dining experiences.

Guests can make an hour reservation at their “VR Bazaar” which brings a virtual reality gaming experience in to a social setting where you and your friends can play VR, and all watch the experience together on a big screen while drinking and sharing plates.

So what kind of games can you expect to play while dining? Fortunately, there’s something for everyone.  There’s a total of 14 games available to play, with everything from fruit ninja for more casual gamers, to something like Space Pirate Trainer where hard-core gamer types can have fun racking up the points against enemy drones. The first of their restaurants to offer a VR Bazaar is their Austin location, with other locations planning to follow suit this year, including their Denver restaurant.

But bringing VR to dining isn’t the only way that Punch Bowl Social likes to spice things at their dining establishments. The restaurant chain also offers made from-scratch dishes, a long with social activities like bowling, vintage video games, shuffleboard, Ping-Pong, marbles, skew-ball and private karaoke rooms. The whole experience at Punch Bowl Social kind of sound likes Chucky Cheese for adults. Book us in now!

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