The Frame, Samsung’s Nearly Invisible TV, Is Now Available in a 43″ Model

If your idea of a poorly designed living space is one that features a television as the focal point of the room, then you’ll absolutely love this television. Called “The Most Beautiful TV You’ve Never Seen,” The Frame is now available in a $1299 43″ model — just in time for the holidays.

The Frame, Samsung's Nearly Invisible TV, Is Now Available in a 43" Model

One of the things that sets The Frame line apart from other televisions is that it looks like a framed picture hanging on the wall. When not in use as a TV, The Frame will “seamlessly transform from a 4K UHD TV to a gallery-like art display for a premium entertainment experience without sacrificing design.”

When The Frame is powered on, it offers 4K UHD picture quality and can display over one billion shades of color. When not displaying TV or movies, The Frame becomes a customizable work of art that can elegantly exhibit artwork and photographs via ‘Art Mode.’

The Frame, Samsung's Nearly Invisible TV, Is Now Available in a 43" Model

The Frame was previously available in 55 and 65″ models, adding the 43″ version will make this more manageably sized TV fit in many more decorating scenarios. The Frame works with any room’s decor — you can purchase interchangeable bezels to match the television to your room, and best of all — Samsung’s Invisible Connection cable and No Gap Wall Mount allow you to mount the TV flush against the wall with no messy cables; all that’s used is one single transparent optical cable that connects the Frame to external devices. The Frame has a motion sensor, so when it perceives that someone has entered the room, it will automatically switch on and begin displaying art. The Frame has a brightness sensor, too, so that it can “seamlessly adjust to ambient lighting and adjust brightness and color temperature so that artwork displayed on The Frame always looks natural, even in changing lighting conditions.”

As I mentioned, the 43″ Frame is $1299; the 55″ model is $1999, and the 65″ beast is $2799. Interchangeable bezels are available too — at $179.99 for the 43″ model, $199.99 for the 55″ model, and $249 for the 65″ version.

The Frame, Samsung's Nearly Invisible TV, Is Now Available in a 43" Model

While The Frame comes pre-loaded with a collection of 100 works of art, if you own one you’ll also be able to access Samsung’s “Art Store”, which features a library of 400+ artworks from established and emerging artists. You can either purchase individual pieces of art to display on The Frame at $19.99, or you can subscribe to the full collection for $4.99 per month. You can also upload your own personal art or photographs to display on The Frame using “My Collection”.

Right now, when you buy The Frame, you can also get 50% off your first bezel. To learn more about The Frame, visit here.

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