Colorware Will Customize Your Airpods This Holiday Season

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If you absolutely hate the standard white version of the Airpods, or simply would like to match your new iPhone X or iPhone 8 accordingly, then you really need to order yours from Colorware.

Colorware Will Customize Your Airpods This Holiday Season

Now, I won’t get into the details of the Airpods themselves because we all know what they are capable of in terms of audio, portability, and the fact that you can use the same cable you charge your device with the Airpods. But sometimes, you just want to stand out a little bit more. Why not do that with Colorware?

Colorware Will Customize Your Airpods This Holiday Season

Colorware is a company I personally found out about courtesy of MKBHD’s YouTube channel, where he got a pair of custom Airpods to match his vibrant style, so I figured I would get a pair of my own as well. Here is his video review of his Airpods in case you would like to check that out:


Colorware Will Customize Your Airpods This Holiday Season

Colorware has an option on their site to personalize your Airpods, and various other tech related items like the Nintendo Switch, Bose headphones, and various other accessories with over 50 different color options.

Colorware Will Customize Your Airpods This Holiday Season

Once you’ve reached the website, you are allowed to customize each of the earbuds individually to any of the available colors; I opted for the Matte Black version because I am a huge fan. Now that I have the iPhone X Space Grey, I may have to purchase a second pair in that color, but the Matte Black looks and feels phenomenal. The coating of the Colorware allows you to not only pick the coloring of the earbuds and the Airpods case, but you can pick a custom finishing, which can be either matte or a glossed finishing.

Colorware Will Customize Your Airpods This Holiday Season

Pricing for the customization is a bit higher than stock price for the Airpods at $289 for the Airpods being customized, and a $30 upcharge for the Airpods case to be colored as well coming to $319. The finished product completely justifies the pricing for me. You won’t lose the quality in terms of audio from the Airpods, and you can match your Airpods to fit what you like. As you can tell, with the Matte Black customization that I have, my Airpods look fantastic. With the matte finishing, dare I say they fit a bit more snug?

If you want a pair of customized Airpods, you can click this link to learn more.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Look better than the stock color; No loss of audio quality

What Needs Improvement: May void your Apple Warranty

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