You and Your Dog Will Light Up the Night with Nitey Leash

There are plenty of sophisticated gadgets coming out for pets these days – heck, we’ve lost count for how many GPS tracking colors there are available now, but Nitey Leash is the first time we’ve encountered innovation in a leash! The concept behind Nitey Leash is simple – it’s a LED leash that lights up.

That concept might seem gimmicky at first, but it’s super practical to have if you walk your dog at night. To that effect, it can help keep you safe while walking at night by making it obvious to cars that you and your dog are there. It can also help you find your dog when it’s dark outside.

You and Your Dog Will Light Up the Night with Nitey Leash

The Nitey Leash is a 5-foot long leash that is illuminated using end to end fiber optics. The leash has two modes – a steady mode and a blinking mode. The modes can easily be cycled through using a button near the loop at the end of the handle. 

We’ve been using the Nitey Leash for a few days now, and in addition to its neat light up tricks, its loop is actually very comfortable to hold, even more so than the “analog” leashes that we’ve previously used.

Nitey Leash comes in a choice of three colors – pink, blue or green, and it’s a one size fits all. It’s also water-resistant and comes with a one year warranty. The leash is powered by three AAA batteries, which is a lot more convenient to replace than a coin-cell battery. Our batteries haven’t run out yet, but according to Nitey Leash, if you were to use Nitey Leash every night for 20 minutes, the included batteries will last for at least two months. You can pick up the Nitey Leash for $24.95

Source: Manufacturer supplied review item

You and Your Dog Will Light Up the Night with Nitey Leash

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