Neuro Mints Freshen Your Breath and Wake You Up

A few years ago, we looked at Neuro Gum and were impressed with its ability to taste good while also providing a jolt of caffeine. The folks behind Neuro Gum have a new product for those of you who don’t like to chew your caffeine-Neuro Mints!

Neuro Mints Freshen Your Breath and Wake You Up

Neuro Mints are very similar in formula to Neuro Gum. Like their gum counterparts, they contain caffeine, L-theanine, and vitamin B12, but they’re mints. They come in a small, pocketable tin, 12 per package, and they pack a very strong punch.

I made the mistake the first night I received them of trying them when I opened the package, around 6 pm. At 1 am, I realized the reason I was laying wide awake browsing Reddit was that the mints worked a little too well. On the upside, I did find the mints to be a godsend when I chaperoned a kindergarten field trip to the zoo. It’s hard to keep up with overexcited 5-year-olds, so a few mints carried me through the day nicely. I even shared with my son’s teachers.

Neuro Mints Freshen Your Breath and Wake You Up

Minifig for size comparison only

Flavorwise, I liked the Neuro Mints more than the gum. My biggest complaint with the gum was that the flavor ran out fast, while the mints didn’t have that issue-they stay nice and minty to the finish. I would put the mint flavor at stronger than a tic-tac but not as powerful as an Altoid. So they were effectively dual-useful: first they made my breath amazing, then they kept me going.

Neuro makes a lot of claims about their product and the nootropic capabilities, but those are beyond the scope of what a review here can cover. In any case, the caffeination claims definitely work, and the mints taste good. It’s cheaper and easier than carrying around a coffee and it tastes far, far better than a Red Bull, so it’s a win all around! At $21 for a 6-pack, these aren’t the cheapest mints around, but if you use them as a booster, not just a breath freshener, it’s worth it!

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Liked: Definitely gives you energy; The flavor is excellent and minty; Metal packaging is tough but portable

What Needs Improvement: Pricey


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