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April 23, 2012 • Gear Bits, Travel

Quick Change Artist OneSole Shoes Allow You to Pack One Sole, Yet Bring Many Pairs of Shoes

If you are used to traveling with a pair of sneakers (or boots) and a backup pair of flip-flops, then I know you won’t be able to relate to what I’m about to confess … and that’s fine. But when I am packing for a trip that will last a week or more, and I know that I’ll be in both casual and dressy situations, it is typical for me to bring no less than six pairs of shoes. I would bring even more along if there weren’t weight limits on checked luggage. Part of the reason that I’ll pack so many, is because I want to make sure that no matter where I go I’ll have shoes that look good with the outfit I am wearing — ones that will be appropriate for any situation. Kev likes to tease me about this, and I am okay with it, but he’s also the guy carting around our luggage.

Dan sent me a link to a product that I’d never heard of; he found it while watching old episodes of Shark Tank.

The concept behind OneSole Shoes is ridiculously simple: create a shoe sole that has a snap system so that it can accept different tops; putting a different top on the sole creates a shoe wardrobe that is limited only by the number of shoe tops you bring along. There are a variety of shoe soles available, ranging from a 1″ flat platform to a towering 5″ heel, and you can choose from thousands of shoe tops. The choices are actually a bit overwhelming.

If I had some of these, I would be able to pack a max of two or three soles along with a handful of tops; and with that combination, I could create dozens of different looks. I have no idea if the shoes are comfortable or not (the testimonials sure make it sound like they are), and I can’t help but wonder if the snaps will hold up over time, but I am more than a little bit intrigued by the idea of these shoes and their multiple personalities.


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