Quick Change Artist OneSole Shoes Allow You to Pack One Sole, Yet Bring Many Pairs of Shoes

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Quick Change Artist OneSole Shoes Allow You to Pack One Sole, Yet Bring Many Pairs of Shoes Listen to this article

Quick Change Artist OneSole Shoes Allow You to Pack One Sole, Yet Bring Many Pairs of Shoes

If you are used to traveling with a pair of sneakers (or boots) and a backup pair of flip-flops, then I know you won’t be able to relate to what I’m about to confess … and that’s fine. But when I am packing for a trip that will last a week or more, and I know that I’ll be in both casual and dressy situations, it is typical for me to bring no less than six pairs of shoes. I would bring even more along if there weren’t weight limits on checked luggage. Part of the reason that I’ll pack so many, is because I want to make sure that no matter where I go I’ll have shoes that look good with the outfit I am wearing — ones that will be appropriate for any situation. Kev likes to tease me about this, and I am okay with it, but he’s also the guy carting around our luggage.

Dan sent me a link to a product that I’d never heard of; he found it while watching old episodes of Shark Tank.

The concept behind OneSole Shoes is ridiculously simple: create a shoe sole that has a snap system so that it can accept different tops; putting a different top on the sole creates a shoe wardrobe that is limited only by the number of shoe tops you bring along. There are a variety of shoe soles available, ranging from a 1″ flat platform to a towering 5″ heel, and you can choose from thousands of shoe tops. The choices are actually a bit overwhelming.


If I had some of these, I would be able to pack a max of two or three soles along with a handful of tops; and with that combination, I could create dozens of different looks. I have no idea if the shoes are comfortable or not (the testimonials sure make it sound like they are), and I can’t help but wonder if the snaps will hold up over time, but I am more than a little bit intrigued by the idea of these shoes and their multiple personalities.

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