Gear Diary’s Home Tech Holiday Gift Guide

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Gear Diary's Home Tech Holiday Gift Guide Listen to this article

For the family with curious, tech-obsessed kids:

Anki Cozmo Collectors Edition

Anki’s new Cozmo Collectors Edition ($179.99) is finished in a sleek liquid metal color. Cozmo is a real-life robot with a mind of its own. He’ll learn your face and greet you by name, he’ll want to play games with you, he’ll sing to you, and he’ll even want to pounce on your finger with his lifting arms. My daughter was instantly in love with Cozmo as soon as he called her name and asked her to play. She wants to play with him daily. There are so many things to do with Cozmo that we’ve only scratched the surface so far. Our only complaint is that you need to have the companion smartphone app open the entire time you’re playing with Cozmo.

Cozmo recently received an update to its Code Labs feature, that allows kids to learn coding skills. Code Labs provides a visual programming platform that’s really fun and interesting.  Check out Anki’s blog post to learn more.


ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

For the home that has everything except amazing WiFi coverage:


Eero Gen. 2 Whole Home WiFi System

Eero’s new 2nd Generation Whole Home WiFi System ($299-$499) is seriously amazing. It blankets your entire home with fast, reliable WiFi with very little maintenance. We’ve been using Eero WiFi in my house for the past two years and have zero complaints. Their customer service is out of this world too! One of our eero Beacons crapped out for one reason or another and they sent us a brand new one, no questions asked! Check out our full review, here.


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