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It wasn’t?so long ago that I reviewed the SCOTTeVEST SeV Performance T-Shirt. Since then Scott, never one to rest upon his laurels, has already come out with an updated version. Now before any of you start to wonder why I am reviewing “work-out” clothes, let me assure you that there is more to this shirt than meets the eye. The Performance T-Shirt is not just a piece of athletic clothing, it is also a Personal Area Network enabled gear holder perfect for a hands-free workout session or a day outdoors.

Those that loved the original sport shirt’s design and material – but needed more than its single pocket for their gear – will be happy to hear that they now have another option. The original black one-pocket short or long sleeve style is still available, but a three-pocket version was recently added, and this one comes in multiple colors as well as a choice of sleeve lengths. The three-pocket version is available in black, white, red and blue.

I was sent the blue long sleeve and a short sleeve in white.

As was the original, this multi-pocketed version of the Performance T-Shirt is composed of 100% Polyester 3M Quick Dry fabric?which has been treated with Scotchgard?. The shirt looks like it is composed of an athletic style?perforated material (like gym shorts); it is a tight enough weave that the shirt is not see-through, but it is loose enough that the shirt “breathes” and dries easily.

So let’s take a look at what sets this tee apart from other ordinary workout shirts with pockets…

There are two zippers on the?garment?which hide three pockets; each zipper has an easy to grasp 0.75″ metal pull with an embossed SeV logo.

The upper left breast has a 5″ vertical zipper which when opened reveals an 11.5″ tall x 3.5″ wide pocket that can hold a smaller mobile phone, digital music player or other similarly sized device.

The underside of the shirt reveals the patented system that Scott and his designers created, whereby the pocket’s load is held not by the collar of the shirt, but by the shoulder.

This brilliant?design feature?keeps the shirt from tugging the wearer’s neck or bunching under the wearer’s arm when the pocket is holding a gadget. Note the reinforced red “button hole” is part of the PAN, through which the wire from a digital music player or mobile phone would pass.

The reason for the PAN becomes evident when one notices the earbud loops located on either side of the collar. These elastic loops can each? keep a wired earbud in place – preventing it from falling back into the wearer’s shirt when momentarily removed.

The second and third pockets are located on the right hip. A 5.5″ tall zipper splits what is essentially a 8″ wide x 7″ tall area, and a 2″ tall line of stitching creates the divider between the two areas. The way that the pockets are divided allows them to comfortably straddle the front and back sides of the wearer.

This side pocket is reinforced by same-color stitching that suspends it from above; it is ingeniously supported so that it can hold a wallet, larger iPod, a set of keys…whatever needs to be carried. These pockets are also PAN enabled so that a wire can be run to the higher pocket, or directly to the earbud loops at the collar.

As with the original Performance T-shirt, the three-pocket shirt’s labels are quite stealthy. On the bottom left side is an embroidered TEC logo in matching thread, as well as a black TEC tag.

The SeV logo is embroidered in matching colors directly under the rear collar.

The shirt has a generous, boxy cut. While it can be worn tucked in or out, the lower pockets will most likely cause the wearer to prefer leaving it untucked when carrying cargo.

I would love to eventually see a female version with darts at the bust for a slightly more flattering silhouette. In the meantime, this shirt scores with a comfortable, loose and layerable fit.

The SeV Performance T-Shirt is easy to care for; it should be machine washed in cold water with like-colored items. The label says “dry flat” and “do not iron”; I dry mine by lying it across the top of a chair and then throwing it in the dryer for two minutes to shake out any wrinkles. Always be sure that any wired headsets have been removed before washing; that should be obvious, but I’ll bet it has happened. πŸ˜‰

If you have been looking for a shirt that will allow you to stay cool, comfortable and dry while exercising and while carrying your portable electronics, then this is the one!

The SCOTTeVEST SeV Performance T-Shirt is available directly from the manufacturer.
MSRP: One Pocket: Short Sleeve: $29.99 Long Sleeve: $34.99 Three Pocket: Short Sleeve: $34.99 Long Sleeve: $39.99
What I Like: The shirt is lightweight, with cool breathable fabric. Pockets are present for wired mobile phone, digital music player, or wallet. This shirt works well on its own or worn as a layering piece. Different colors and sleeve lengths are available.
What Needs Improvement: None

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