Naztech Frees Up iOS Memory with Xtra Drive mini

With the size of videos and photos nowadays, we may all have a time where the provided memory just is not enough. Naztech is addressing this issue with the Xtra Drive mini ($59.99). The device allows you to instantly save and transfer files using your iOS device’s Lightning Connector and up to 256GB Micro USB card. 

The Xtra Drive mini is a thumb size lightning connector drive that comes with a 16GB Micro USB Card and includes a standard USB connector. The device is super small and connects to a keychain for quick availability.

I took a couple of photos for this post and transferred them to my iPad to insert. Yes, there are other ways to do this, but honestly, the transfer speed of the Xtra Drive mini and ease of use is fantastic.

The Xtra Drive mini app is easy to use. To automatically back up all of your photos and videos, simply 3D Touch and drag the top file to the bottom and the entire album will be transferred to the memory card. You can also tap on the top file and open the photo album and choose which photos you want to transfer.

Once the photos were transferred to the memory card, I just reversed the process and transferred the photos to my iPad saving images to the photo app. All of these transfers are really fast and easy to do using the free app.

Any micro USB card can be transferred to your iOS device. This makes it great for GoPro or drone footage to quickly be uploaded for editing without the need of a laptop. I was also able to use my USB SD card reader to transfer photos from my game camera. There are other devices that will do this, but why carry more devices when this tiny Xtra Drive mini will do it all for you and stay comfortably on your keychain?

Naztech did a fantastic job with the Xtra Drive mini. The device is built strong while being small enough to carry on a keychain. The app is fast and easy to use and transfer speeds were quick. With the ability to use up to a 256GB Micro USB card, your device’s storage is nearly endless. Save photos and videos for backup and to free up device space, transfer photos and videos between devices including cameras, or carry videos for viewing without using any memory. The Xtra Drive mini has found a permanent place on my keychain.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I like: Small and simple way to manage photos and videos between many devices and iOS devices

What can be improved: Nothing at this point. I love this little device


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