InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe 360 Offers Total Protection for the New iPhones

ZAGG’s Invisible Shield is a market leader when it comes to device protection. Today they announced their new InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe 360 for the Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The new offerings promise to provide total protection to Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X. Their years of experience have led to these offerings.

Made from the toughest tempered glass on the market, the InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe 360 is made from the toughest tempered glass on the market. It features what InvisibleShield refers to as Ion Matrix technology. This technology strengthens glass at the molecular level thereby removing impurities and reinforcing edges. This, in turn, prevents chips and cracks. Finally, the surface finishing process adds extra scratch protection as well as oil-resistance to prevent fingerprint smudges from reducing the screen’s clarity.

As Charlie Quong, vice president of product development for ZAGG notes,

Our primary mission is to provide users peace of mind when it comes to protecting their new device. With Glass+ Luxe 360, we felt it’s just as important to safeguard the back of the phone as it is the screen.

But the screen protection of the Glass+ is only one half of this “system” since the InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe 360 is a full-body protective solution for the Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The second half of the system is a protective case. The Luxe 360, available in premium color finishes, including space gray, silver, and gold, to correspond with the latest iPhone devices. Always committed to refined, protection, the surface finishing process of the case provides maximum scratch protection. It also offers oil-resistance and prevents fingerprint smudges from accumulating. The polished beveled edges make it possible to marry each glass protector with the design of the phone. Thus, the Glass+ Luxe 360 is, “ideal for consumers who want to show off their phone’s sleek design.”


  • Full-screen adhesive ensures your screen responds to every tap and swipe
  • Newly developed gel adhesive offers an additional layer of shock absorption, making this our strongest curved glass ever
  • Meticulously curved edges offer a precise, case-friendly fit
  • Protects every pixel with maximum impact and scratch protection
  • A long-lasting, smudge-resistant finish prevents fingerprints from accumulating and helps keep your screen looking pristine
  • Premium composition of this smooth tempered glass has remarkable touch sensitivity and 100% clarity

The InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe 360 is available for an MSRP of $69.99. Check it, and all the InvisibleShield offerings out here.

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