Stop Forgetting Your Cable with Native Union’s KEY Cable

Have you ever been in a position where you need that quick charge, or you have a friend who has a brick for you, but their device isn’t the same as yours so you catch yourself asking strangers for a cable so you can get some extra juice to last? You no longer need to do that with Native Union’s Key Cable ($29.99).


Native Union set over their KEY cable, which is MFI certified and made so you never get caught out in public without the ability to charge your devices ever again. I am a stan for all things Native Union, and I have yet to run into a Native union product that didn’t suit a purpose for me. The Key Cable is simple. You place it onto your keyring, and forget it until you need it. The braided cable solves everyday problems for the user. If you have a standard cable, you might have dealt with it not being so “counter-friendly”.


Native Union’s Key Cable is so forward thinking, they’ve incorporated a knot-like design to stop your cable from falling to the floor as you sit it on your counter or table. Have you found yourself looking for your keys wondering exactly where they are? Just look for the knot! The KEY cable by Native Union does it all without trying, and it is such a convenience to have sitting right there in your pocket. I love mine, and after using quite a few other “keyring” cables, the Native Union is the only one that i: stylish, protective, and certified to work for my devices. At $29.99, the KEY cable is available in Apple Lightning or Micro-USB in four various colors.

Head over to Native Union today for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supply review unit

What I Like: Doesn’t boggle down your keys, yet makes them recognizable.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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