WHILL Launches New Model Ci Intelligent, Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV)

A few years after his stroke my father was still able to get around thanks to an electric scooter. It was exactly what you think of when you think electric scooter. Now WHILL, Inc. Has launched its new Model Ci. Model Ci is an intelligent, personal electric vehicle (PEV). Here’s a look.


WHILL Launches New Model Ci Intelligent, Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV)

WHILL Inc. Notes,

The Model Ci that has the power to eliminate the feeling of self-consciousness reflected in antiquated scooters and wheelchairs. The Model Ci is a category-defining product, one that uniquely combines a sleek, fashionable design with advanced driving features such as a joystick for precise maneuverability inside and patented front omni-wheels with two powerful motors to glide through rough undulating city streets as well as off-road terrain without hesitation. Model Ci also disassembles into three components so that it can be transported easily. WHILL built the Model Ci Personal EV for those who are active, social and crave adventure.

WHILL Launches New Model Ci Intelligent, Personal Electric Vehicle (PEV)

The Model Ci has a 10 mile range thanks to its lithium-ion battery. It has a top speed of 5mph. It is powerful enough to climb hills and conquer rugged terrains while remaining agile indoors to maneuver through tight doorways and confined areas. As a result, with the Model Ci, there is no longer a need for separate devices for indoor and outdoor use.

The Model Ci offers people who need a scooter greater independence thanks to the fact that it is app-enabled. It also offers multiple driving modes that match a driver’s riding style and comfort zone. Also, the digital battery charge indicator helps avoid range anxiety. All of this is accomplished via Bluetooth. Moreover, by leveraging mobile broadband and GPS, the Model Ci delivers predictive product maintenance information as well as remote customer support.

Not surprisingly, it has been named a CES 2018 “Best of Innovation” Awards winner. Honestly, I wish my father had access to one of these when he was still mobile. That’s not possible now, but I’m thrilled to know others will be able to benefit from this innovation. Check it out here.

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