Yevo Releases the World’s First Headphones Made from Illegal Firearms

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If you read our review last year about the YEVO 1 headphones, then you know how phenomenal they are both in looks and in the listening experience, so it’s no surprise that Stockholm-based YEVO Labs joined forces with Humanium Metal by IM to introduce Humanium Metal – a commodity for peace into the YEVO 1 Earphones.

Yevo Releases the World’s First Headphones Made from Illegal Firearms

Labeled the YEVO x Humanium Metal headphones will be available early 2018, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to IM’s work in five regions and twelve countries worldwide on top of local partner organizations. Nothing about the YEVO 1 themselves change in terms of listening experience as only the Humanium Metal build will be included in the earbuds and the sleek charging case.

In doing this, YEVO is contributing to raising job opportunities and local income, which will only deliver financial support to affected communities by fighting the spread of illegal weapons by finding breaking them down and adding them into more useful products.

The YEVO x Humanium Metal Edition go on sale in the coming months for $499, with 50% of the proceeds going to help the initiative. For more information, head over to

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