A Four Year Birthday of a Different Kind

A Four Year Birthday of a Different Kind

This week I’m having a low-keyed celebration of sorts. You see, as of a few days ago my HTC X7501 Advantage turned four years old. I’ve had my share of mobile devices, but I’ve always enjoyed using the Advantage as a mini-computer and phone. With its huge 5″ VGA touchscreen, magnetic keyboard, internal hard drive and metal and magnetic housing, 3G and WiFi capability my Advantage has been excellent for mobile productivity for me. How I came to possess this particular unit is a bit unusual, so permit me to set the Wayback Machine to October of 2007…

Years ago I did some occasional writing and reviewing for Aximsite, and one of the first tech devices that I got to review was the X7501 in late 2007, sent to me by the Seattle-based public relations firm Waggener Edstrom. I was intrigued by the device, and after reviewing the unit and sending it back did some research on it. During one of my forays into the realm of online forums I came across some links to HTC’s site, which had recently gotten a makeover. Curious, I followed the links and discovered that several sensitive areas of the new HTC website hadn’t been properly protected. Being the sympathetic fellow I was I promptly fired off an email to my Waggener Edstrom contact about the problem and to let HTC know. Much to my surprise they sent on behalf of HTC my very own X7501 Advantage. To say I was thrilled was an understatement.  An unlocked, top of the line mobile device that arrived in January 2008, a month before my youngest was born. I sent back a picture of my new arrival (stealing a blanket and cap from my soon-to-be-born child):

A Four Year Birthday of a Different Kind

Needless to say my X7501 has held up splendidly over the years, through multiple custom roms and back, and Gear Diary back in the day had a fine article on how to maximize usage that really inspired me. The HTC Advantage has gone on many a long journey around local region and around the country. Why it even helped me win a phone from Gear Diary a few months later from an unsuccessful geocaching attempt. In any case, my Advantage has just been a rock-solid workhorse, for all practical intents and purposes functioning as a mini-netbook and I’m just too attached to it, for reasons already explained, to ever let it go.

Incidentally, one of my favorite aspects of the device is its 3.1MP camera, and my X7501 has taken its fair share of mundane to the unusual pictures.

Warning: you may want to avert your eyes to nature at work in the sample picture here…but hey, I had my X7501 and snapped a quick picture:

A Four Year Birthday of a Different Kind

As my X7501 shows, Nature is indeed red in tooth and claw. I’m sure I could make all sorts of corporate, tech business or other analogies here, but for the moment I’ll refrain.

The HTC Advantage has, despite the rapid development of mobile technology over the last few years, still is able to keep itself relevant in my mobile stable of gizmos. It is a prized gift from an unexpected source resulting from a simple good deed.

It’s a keeper.  Happy 4th Birthday, X7501.

Dear Reader, are there any particular tech gizmos that while perhaps superseded by more recent innovations, still find use in your daily life?

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Bryan Eley
A senior software tester and network admin for a small hi-tech multimedia company that produces a number of online applications for several tech giants. Bryan got his professional start in PC technology when he discovered research PhDs in his second job out of college were not very computer savvy. The one upshot of working in that lab is that he met his future wife there, a fellow science geek as well. Bryan has been hooked on computers since his Commodore 64 days, when absurd amounts of was spent entering pages on machine language code for equally absurd simple games. Back in 2005 Bryan received an Axim X51v as a Christmas gift and he has been fiddling with mobile tech ever since. He recently joined the legions of iPhone enthusiasts where phones are concerned, but has dabbled with Blackberry, WebOS and Windows Phone OSes as well. When not busying himself with tech-oriented tasks Bryan likes spend time cooking (he has over 90 cookbooks, yet still jumps on the internet to find culinary info), reading, working in his garden, calligraphy, and spending time with his wife, two sons, two cats and a miscellaneous dog.
  • Alslayer

    Nice article, I wanted a HTC Advantage back in the day.  Nice to see someone still using it.

    • Anonymous

      I loved this device when it first came out. I had one briefly. Liked the hardware but the windows mobile on it was way too buggy for me. Amazed you still have it.

      • There were clearly some issues on occasion that popped up, and it was a disappointment that HTC never released hardware acceleration drivers for the video card. Such occasional bugginess definitely spurred me to try different roms and such from XDA-Developers, but in the end I’ve gone back to the stock ROM and with a few tweaks runs very well.  Anybody notice the weather software app?  That’s Weatherpanel, one of the best weather apps out there despite being very long in tooth.  A fellow by the nickname Storyr over at http://pixel.dnsalias.net/weatherpanel/ and his group have done a marvelous job of keeping the app running.  I even found a Dropbox client that runs on WinMo 6.x, so that’s a big plus too.

  • thenikjones

    I really wanted one of these but having spent a fortune on the Universal a few years earlier, just couldn’t justify it to myself.

    My calculator at work is an HP 28S – bought in 1991 for £180… Utterly OTT for what I need, but always nice to use RPN.

  • Anonymous

    I got mine from E-Bay in August 2008. 
    Today I don’t use it daily any more, but with Windows Mobile 6.5 it is still my GPS navigation device whenever I travel somewhere, either in car or even when walking about (Metro application is still very useful). It saves my phone’s battery for “more” important stuff and it’s not to big to carry it around.

  • Elizabeth

    I still use my Ipod Video 5th generation. I got it Christmas of ’06 and use it almost everyday. Unless something happens to it I have no plans of getting a new one, still works great.

    • Anonymous

      That’s impressive. How’s the battery charge after so much time?

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