Getta Grip on Your New iPhone with the Grip2U Boost Case

Currently, my go-to iPhone X case right now is the Grip2U Boost protective case. I’ve had the opportunity to use it over the past few weeks and it’s been phenomenal. So let’s dive into what makes the case so great.

Available now in three colors (Black, Clear and Rosewood), the Boost for the Grip2U is also made for the iPhone 8 as well. Having the smaller iPhone X for me, my primary wish for a case was being not only drop protective, but being able to wield one-handed with minimal effort. I have average sized hands, and even navigating the iPhone X’s drop-down notification center and toggles can be a true pain. Prior to the Grip2U Boost I tried using a PopSocket which is supposed to give you a means of holding your phone comfortably, but one of the glaring issues I’ve seen in practice is it makes the phone not only bulky, but you can’t charge via Qi-wireless. That’s where the Grip2U Boost shines in every possible way.

The Boost, which is expected to ship on the 25th of the month is one of the thinnest cases on the market that not only offers drop protection from waist level, but comes with a chambered back channel with an elastic band for sliding your hand (or a few fingers depending on size of your fingers) for maximum screen viewing. Compared to the PopSockets of the world, this outclasses it in one-hand use as you don’t have to worry about silly adhesives coming off and still dropping your phone (which has been the case for me), but the Grip2U is just an overall delight to use. It adds just a little bit of weight to the phone which is fine to me, and all of the colors that are available look nice (I have my eyes on the lilac model currently).

There’s a lip on the front of the case that will protect from front facing drops and there’s protection for the volume rocker and power buttons to the side which is helpful since I’ve used multiple cases that opt for leaving the buttons exposed.

The camera cutout is deeper than most cases, possibly due to the recessed grip chamber but it’s a welcome addition and won’t ruin your flash-enabled photography.

At $29.99 the price is more than affordable, especially considering buying a phone case plus an additional accessory to give you one-handed functionality on your phone would be anywhere upwards of $50, so why not just save yourself the extra coin and just get the Boost by Grip2U?

For more information on pre-ordering yourself one, head over to their site by clicking here.

Also at the time of writing this, GettaGrip, LLC has announced three new colorways for the iPhone X: Ruby, Slate Blue and Lilac, all currently under preorder for $29.99, and you can check those out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: No need for a PopSocket; Slim case with raised lip on screen

What Needs Improvement: No way to set case for viewing movies, unfortunately (Kickstand)

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