The Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Neckband Headset Means Business


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The headset is designed to connect to an audio source via Bluetooth or by using the included high-fidelity USB adapter. This is, of course, a Plantronics product. That means it employs Class 1 Bluetooth the delivers a wireless range of up to 98 feet (30 meters). I love products that have such an impressive range since it means you can use the headset throughout your home or office without concern over losing the connection mid-conversation. It also means you can pair the headset with up to eight different devices and connect to any two of them simultaneously.

Connect to all your devices: Equipped with multipoint technology, Voyager 6200 UC pairs with up to eight devices and can connect to any two at the same time. So whether you’re on your PC, tablet, mobile or other Bluetooth-enabled device, it’s easy to stay connected. And with Class 1 Bluetooth range, you’ve got freedom to move.

But there’s more.

The Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Neckband Headset Means Business

In addition to the passive noise cancellation provided by using the properly sized ear gels, the headset has active noise canceling built into it. That means it is great if you are working in a noisy work environment but also means the headset comes in quite handy when you travel. The ANC works well — I used the 6200 US on a recent flight — but isn’t as effective at blocking out noise as, for example, some of the over-the-ear headphones with ANC that I have tried.

The mute button on the headset lets you quickly shut down the microphone so you can, for example, have a quick side conversation with someone else in your office. The dynamic mute alert built into the headset lets you know if you are trying to talk while the call is muted. He incoming call alert causes the neckband to vibrate when a call comes in. That means you’ll still be alerted to a call even if you do not have the earbuds in. When the neckband vibrates you simply put in one of the earbuds and take the call.

  • ACTIVE NOISE CANCELING: Active noise-canceling technology helps block out distracting sounds
  • DYNAMIC MUTE ALERT: Dynamic mute alert senses and alerts you when you talk when muted
  • INCOMING-CALL ALERT: Never miss a call. Neckband vibrates to alert you of an incoming call
  • PASSIVE NOISE-CANCELING: Earbuds come in three sizes to ensure a secure, comfortable fit that blocks noise

The Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Neckband Headset Means Business

The 6200 UC is comfortable but, of course, what matters most when looking at a headset like this, especially one that costs just under $300, is the audio quality it delivers. The good news here is that the Voyager 6200 UC delivers great audio. That’s no surprise. This is, after all, a Plantronics product.

Thanks to four omnidirectional microphones and enhanced noise canceling, the Voyager 6200 UC features Plantronics’ clear talk technology. This technology optimizes your voice and minimizes background noise when you are on a call. Calls sound fantastic! And, no matter where you are, when the neckband vibrates and alerts you to an incoming call, you simply pop in one or both of the earbuds and start speaking.

Music sounds fantastic as well. For me, this has been the biggest surprise with some of the recent Plantronics products I have reviewed. I expect Plantronics products to be great for calls but, time and time again, I have been impressed with the quality of the audio they deliver when you want to enjoy your music. The 6200 UC is no exception. They are great for work but can also serve as your go-to headphones for music on the go!

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Finally, you can also customize the settings of the Voyager 6200 UC with the Plantronics Hub. Available for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android, the Hub offers a range of different customization options. Yes, this is a headset that means business… and play.


  • Professional-grade audio with enhanced Digital Signal Processing
  • On-demand active noise canceling
  • Built-in versatility in a neckband with earbuds
  • Incoming call alert
  • Dynamic mute alert
  • Class 1 Bluetooth with 98 feet/30 meters wireless range
  • Customizable call and media options
  • Hi-fi stereo and passive noise canceling with earbuds
  • Unified Communications-ready
  • Dedicated mute button
  • Wideband audio and stereo telephony support
  • Up to 9 hours of talk time
  • On-demand active noise canceling reduces background noise and distractions

The Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Neckband Headset Means Business

The Plantronics 6200 UC is a pricey neckband headset, but you get what you pay for. The headset is fantastic for music, it is great for taking calls, and it is ready for the office; it even works well as a travel headset. In other words, while some headsets are good for one or two activities but not effective for others, this headset can fill almost all your headsets needs. No, you probably don’t want to use this headset for activities like running, since it is a bit heavier than many of the neckband headsets we have reviewed and doesn’t have the water and sweat resistance sports earbuds need, but for everything else these are fantastic. I keep them on my desk at home, grab them when I need to take the dog for a walk, and I have used them to have many a serious conversation since the review sample arrived. Check them out here: Plantronics Headsets and AccessoriesThe Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC Neckband Headset Means Business.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Plantronics Voyager 6200 UC headphones

What I Like: Comfortable; Come with a great protective case; Good battery life; Excellent Bluetooth range; Great audio quality; Active Noise Cancellation; Charging disk makes it easy to keep them ready for use

What Needs Improvement: Pricey; Not water- or sweat-resistant

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