Don’t Let mar10 Day Pass You by Without Bumkins’ Nintendo Baby Gear

Bummed you missed out on Mar10 Day (March 10th)? Fear not, because Bumkins has you covered with their line of Nintendo themed children’s merchandise. They’ve got everything from throwback Mario teethers to NES controller bibs. Now your kids can grow up on Mario just like you did back in the 80s. Starting at $5.95, your baby can be indoctrinated early.

Don't Let mar10 Day Pass You by Without Bumkins' Nintendo Baby Gear

Bumkins’ assortment of Nintendo-themed teethers

Bumkins has almost everything you can imagine for your baby; including teethers, bibs, plates and silverware, cold packs, and reusable snack bags, wet bags, and travel bags.  If I had access to this stuff when I was a kid, I would have been using it every day!

My favorite is probably the NES controller teether.  It’s a BPA-free, food grade silicone teether that is textured to soothe your baby’s aching gums.  It’s easily cleaned with soap and water or can be thrown into the top rack of the dishwasher.  Plus, how funny would it be to see your baby chomping down on a classic NES controller?

Don't Let mar10 Day Pass You by Without Bumkins' Nintendo Baby Gear

Another fun item is the Zelda-themed sleeved bib.  Throw this on your child and not only will they be protected from the dangers of a messy dinner or arts and crafts project, they’ll also look just like Link, the hero from The Legend of Zelda lore.

Bumkins has a ton of other licensed products from other popular brands, such as DC Comics, Disney, and Dr. Seuss.  Check out their items and decide for yourself, do you want to miss out on Mar10 Day?  I think not.

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