Tutti Studio Matti: Funny Name for a Cute, Retro-Design Wireless Speaker

The Tutti Studio Matti is a cute, block-shaped wireless speaker with retro styling that wants to be your modern-day boombox. Designed as a portable sound system, the Matti has a thick, molded polymer sub-chassis, steel grills, an aluminum handle, and silicone rubber bumpers for durability. You can even link up to 8 together for massive sound!

Who doesn’t love a cool retro design with upgraded insides?

Tutti Studio Matti: Funny Name for a Cute, Retro-Design Wireless Speaker

The Tutti Studio Matti comes with a microphone, so whether you want to emcee your party or sing along for karaoke, it’s ready to play.

If you only have one Matti speaker, you can enable “Stereo Mode” for a traditional sound experience — you’ll hear both left and right channels from a single speaker. If you add a second speaker, you can assign one as right and one as left to get a bigger sound in true stereo. If you get three of them, you can create a “completely immersive sound experience for listeners, allowing every individual to clearly hear each note on the left and right and now directly in front of them with a center focused speaker. But Matti’s real trick is that you can link up to eight of them together for huge sound with virtually no latency.

  • One speaker in “Stereo Mode” for a traditional sound experience
  • Two speakers assign one as left and one as right for a significantly larger soundstage
  • Three speakers create a completely immersive sound experience with left, right and center
  • A unique function of Tutti Matti speakers is the ability to join up to eight of them together
  • Microphone included for Karaoke or emcee

There are four colorways available — black rubber with rose gold speaker grilles, emergency orange rubber with mint green grills, light pink rubber with dark pink grilles and finally, cream rubber surrounds with silver speaker grilles. You can mix or match and have fun with it.

Tutti Studio Matti: Funny Name for a Cute, Retro-Design Wireless Speaker

Our newest speaker, the Matti, is more than a traditional audio device. It cranks out plenty of volume with a high-level of clarity, featuring a 360-degree speaker design that reaches all sides of the dance floor. We want to inspire people to play hard, party hard, and go crazy with up to eight Mattis that surround them with music. It’s next generation fun! – Jonathan Linn, CEO of Tutti Studios

Each Tutti Studio Matti has a battery that can last up to 10 hours running at “party appropriate volume”. If your parties last longer than 10 hours, then I want to come to your house!

We’ll have a full review of the Tutti Studio Matti soon. In the meantime, you can back them on Kickstarter for as low as $169; If you don’t want to wait until April to get yours, you can buy one directly from Tutti Studio for $299.



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