Sena Walletbook for iPhone 3GS Review


The other day I reviewed the Sena Folio for iPad. It has quickly become my favorite, and most-used, iPad case. I love the refined look, the flawless leather of it and the way it protects my iPad so thoroughly. Sena offers a wide range of options for the iPad. In fact, they have cases for pretty much every popular device. That includes the iPhone 3GS. And while the next gen iPhone is likely on the way 3GS owners are only a year into their contract. That means there is no time like the present to wrap your precious iPhone in a protective layer of leather. One great option is Sena’s Walletbook for iPhone 3GS. It is a great looking iPhone case that, truth be told, looks like…

Sena Walletbook for iPhone 3GS Review

a mini iPad Folio. Let’s take a look… and then give it away. 🙂


From Sena-

The WalletBook combines your iPhone 3GS with a premium leather designer wallet. This book style case is designed with a side spine, presenting your iPhone 3GS on the right side and a wallet on the left. Offered in various solid colors in classic leather and in croco leather, the WalletBook is perfect for hiding your iPhone 3GS inside a designer premium leather wallet. The secure snap closure provides a snug fit to your iPhone 3GS while concealing it. Its rigid protective layer reinforces additional backbone support for durability. It is individually handcrafted from the finest Italian Napa leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The WalletBook is perfect for placing in a pocket or dropping it into your purse. It can also be held as a small clutch purse with everything you need for the night out.


The Walletbook is made from the same gorgeous leather at the iPad Folio. Seams are straight, there were no loose threads and all the pieces fit together perfectly.



Designer wallet with pockets
Transparent ID Card Pocket Slot
Soft velvet lining with light protective layer
Cutouts for play-thru functionality
Proximity sensor opening
Charge/sync port opening
Camera lens opening
Secure snap closure
Easy device access
Use iPhone 3GS while in case
Sena craftsmanship and quality


The iPhone slides into the case with ease. Even with my iPhone covered in a Clear-Coat protective film there was more than enough room for it to slide in easily without feeling too loose.


As you can see, once the iPhone is inside it is held securely in place with full access to the screen remaining available.

A clear pocket and pockets on the inside of the case’s cover are perfect for a license and a credit card/s.


It all makes for a neat, clean package.


The Home button is a bit recessed beneath the leather but is easy to activate.


The Sleep/Power button and headphone jack are fully accessible while the top is protected from bumps by a strap of leather that connects the front and the back of the case.


When closed the screen is protected by a a thick layer of leather.


A leather strap wraps around and snaps in place to keep the case closed.

In all the Walletbook is a nice case for anyone looking to protect their iPhone and have a place to carry some essentials so you don’t need to also carry your wallet. (Hence the name I suppose.) 🙂

The case is rather bulky and the front “cover” of the Walletbook needs to be opened every time you want to access your iPhone’s screen but if you like this type of design this case is worth a look.

The Sena Walletbook for iPhone 3GS has an MSRP of $52. It can be ordered directly from Sena.

What I Like-

Beautiful leather, Sena’s excellent design and craftsmanship, offers good protection for the iPhone and a place to store a license, some cash and a card or two.

What Needs Improvement-

Nothing but be warned… this is a rather bulky case.

The Giveaway-

We are giving away the review sample of the Sena Walletbook. For a chance to win it leave a comment on any other post today AND a comment on this post telling us why you would like to win this case. The case will be randomly awarded tomorrow.

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  1. I’d love to win this case so I can stop carrying around a separate wallet and iPhone with its own case. Pocket space is at a premium when it is not socially acceptable for a guy to carry a purse haha.

  2. I Will be the envy of my peers walking around Washington, DC solving the world’s problems. Would you deny me that?

  3. Seems pretty interesting. I would definately want to try it on my 3GS!

  4. Winning this would be great. It would force me to slim down my wallet to just the essentials. Everything that I would need would be in one place.

  5. If I win I would have my first leather case, great style, great protection!!!

  6. It looks really well made. My itouch was graduation gift, and I think this would help me keep it safe since it’s important.

  7. This looks like a solid case, it’s great cause it offers that added screen protection with the side flap, Sena always makes a killer leather case. Thanks for the giveaway Dan

  8. i just got an iphone 3gs at walmart – 97$ i have no protection so this would be amazing

  9. When I go to gym, I need to throw iPhone into my backpack. And, this case come handy that adds a good protection of it.

  10. This is a nice, sturdy case perfect for camping 😀

  11. This has got to be the coolest iPhone case I have seen so far. I carry so much stuff in my wallet and still have to carry a separate case for my iPhone. Thanks to the SENA Walletbook Case, I can carry everthing i need in one gorgeous leather case that oozes class, elegance and high quality. I would feel confident that my cash, credit cards, IDs, business cards, etc will be kept safe and secure. Plus i get direct access to my iPhone screen and camera easily.

  12. I like the idea of combining a wallet with the iphone case.

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