Thermacell Radius Brings Zone Protection for Mosquito Season

South Texas mosquitos are often the size of a pigeon and seem to be super hungry for human blood. I have used a Thermacell for hunting and outdoors for years. Their new Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent ($49.99) brings scent free, powerful protection with only one refill component and a rechargeable battery. Let’s see how it holds up to summer skeeters.

The Radius is a bit of a departure from the original Thermacell repellent. The fuel canisters are essentially replaced with a rechargeable battery. The Lithium-Ion battery charges via micro-USB (included) and will last up to six hours of use. The refills are a small liquid filled cartridge instead of the patches on the old device. The supplied refill will last 12 hours and they also sell a 40-hour refill.

Thermacell Radius Brings Zone Protection for Mosquito Season

You will enjoy scent free and DEET free mosquito repellent and a zone of protection that reaches 110 feet. I found the push button start easier than the old method that required lighting the fuel. This product is also much more compact. As you can see, it is much smaller than my original unit. I have always hiked into the woods with my Thermacell strapped to my backpack, but this version will easily fit inside and virtually no weight.

Thermacell Radius Brings Zone Protection for Mosquito Season

We have recently used the Radius while sitting on our deck with friends watching the NHL and NBA playoffs. It has worked well, even on our large and aggressive mosquitos. Our guests were surprised not only at the performance of the device but also by its compact size and ease of use.

Thermacell Radius Brings Zone Protection for Mosquito Season

While I will keep my original Thermacell and still give it some use, the Radius will become a constant fixture for outdoor entertaining as well as hunting trips. You will be amazed at the compact size of the product with respect to the 110′ radius of mosquito protection. The Radius is super easy to use, just charge it up, insert the refill and let it go. You can also set an auto-off timer making it even more easy to use. Check it out before your next summer BBQ.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I like: Compact and easy to use; No more fuel refills; The long-lasting battery is great.

What could be improved: I hope they come out with a sleeve, like I have on my fuel powered version

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