Gear Diary’s Summer 2018 Bicycle Gear Roundup Featuring State Bicycle Co.

Summer means getting outside, and there’s no better way to enjoy nature by hitting the open road on a bicycle. State Bicycle Co was kind enough to send us a Le Fleur 3 single-speed bike from their 4130 Core Line, so we wanted to put together a Summer 2018 Cycling guide, also featuring Showers Pass, Ottolock, ABUS, and Thousand helmets.

State Bicycle Co. – 4130 Core Line – Le Fleur 3

State Bicycle Co’s 4130 Core Line is State’s foundation. It’s a line of bikes built using Chromoly steel frames, grade 4130. Chromoly steel is often used when more strength is required as compared to standard mild carbon steel. Chromoly steel is harder, tougher, and is more corrosion resistant as well.

State’s line of 4130 Core Line bikes start around $299 for their tastefully designed single colorway bikes, like the Hanzo (red) or Pigeon (light grey). Once you get into any of the really fun, eccentric designs, the price rises to around $449. Check out a couple of my favorites:

The Pardi B (AKA the Party Boi)


The Simpsons X State Bicycle Co – Springfield Character Wrap

Each bike can be customized upon ordering, so you can choose your frame size, handlebar style, wheel type, whether you want it to come with lights, a lock, pedal type, hold fast straps, water bottle cage, saddle type, or flat tire bundle. Some options will cost you extra, however. All of State Bicycle Co’s bikes can be swapped from fixed gear to single speed using the flip-flop hub.

The bikes weigh around 19 lbs 9 oz with the lo-pro wheels, which is a nice weight to either carry or ride. Each bike comes with front and rear brakes, alloy Wellgo pedals, and a synthetic leather saddle with steel rails.

Your bike will ship 90% assembled from the factory, meaning you basically only have to install the handlebars, wheels, and brakes, although State strongly recommends you get your bike professionally assembled. Speaking of professional assembly, in order to activate your 5-year warranty on the bicycle frame, you’ll need to submit proof of professional assembly. While not a deal breaker, it’s definitely something you’ll need to keep in mind as an added cost. My local REI assembled the bike for me for around $65.

After riding my Le Fleur 3 for a while, I’ve got to say that I’m a huge fan of State Bicycle Co. Their bikes are not feature-packed by any means, but they are clean, classic looking bikes with a fun, sporty aesthetic. My bike feels great pedaling and provides a ride smoother than silk. The bike is super comfortable and has proven to be a head-turner. I chose to get the bike switched to single-speed mode since I’m a casual cyclist and like to be able to coast if I’m on a flat road or going down a hill. I’d recommend State Bicycle Co. to anyone looking for a fixie or single-speed bike.

Check out my photo shoot with the ever so attractive Le Fleur 3 in the gallery below:

Showers Pass – Refuge Jacket

Showers Pass refers to the Refuge Jacket as a “do-it-all” jacket and I can see why. It’s quickly become my favorite jacket to wear when it’s raining or the skies are clear. The Refuge Jacket is beautifully designed and made to last. It’s built with Elite 3-layer performance fabric and is fully seam-taped for rain protection. All zippers use water-resistant Aquaguard Vision zippers to keep the rain out. The Refuge Jacket is waterproof and breathable, with vents along your core to prevent overheating.

The Refuge also has reinforced shoulders so that you can wear a backpack without fear of damaging the jacket. The hood is removable and adjustable so that it can fit over a helmet, but it can also stow easily in a jacket pocket. The Refuge jacket also features a drop-down waterproof tail to protect your rear from splashed from the tires of your bike.

Fitted with a complement of pockets, the Refuge Jacket includes two front hand-warmer pockets, a back pocket, and a chest pocket with audio port. This jacket can be used for anything from commuting to work, mountain biking, skiing, mountaineering, and many more activities.

As I mentioned, Showers Pass instantly became my go-to jacket. The quality construction and general style and aesthetics really made it a no-brainer for me. I’ve received tons of compliments on it since I started wearing it, and you will too! If you’re doing anything outdoorsy, or just going outside, you need this jacket! Priced at $285, it’s an investment worth making.

Thousand – Heritage Collection – Carbon Black

If you’re riding a bike this summer, you need to be safe and protect your noggin. That’s where Thousand comes in with their stylish, retro bike helmets inspired by vintage motorcycle helmets. These minimalist helmets fit well and are something you’d be happy to wear on your commute or a casual ride around town.

Thousand’s Heritage Collection of helmets feature vegan leather straps, a secret pop-out that allows you to secure your lid to your bike using a bike lock, one-handed magnetic fastener, 7 vents with internal channeling, a built-in low-profile visor, premium matte rubberized finish and moto trim, and two sets of interior padding to ensure a comfortable fit.

The helmets are pretty lightweight; my medium weighs in at about 460g. They feel great on your head, not too tight, not too heavy, and the vents allow your head to breathe. If you’re a fan of the style, Thousand’s bike helmets are a great buy.


ABUS – Yadd-I Urban Helmet 

Front view of the Yadd-I

ABUS’ Yadd-I helmet brings modern design to the bike helmet.  With its distinctive angular design and available matte finishes, you’ll be styling on your daily commute. The Yadd-I uses forced air cooling technology to keep your head cool on those hot days and has a built-in soft tune retention system to allow the rider to adjust the helmet for a perfect fit.  The forced air cooling technology places the vents at exactly the right spot to bring the wind soaring between your head and the top of the helmet.

Side view of the Yadd-I

Rear view of the Yadd-I

The Yadd-I weighs about 290g so it’s light as a feather and it comes with a removable visor to keep the sun out of your eyes. It comes in some very eye-catching colors, although the one pictured is a matte black called “velvet black.” The Yadd-I can be yours for $79.99 for glossy finishes and $89.99 for matte finishes.

Interior view of the Yadd-I

ABUS – Bordo Lite Folding Bike Lock

ABUS’ Bordo Lite is a folding bike lock that doesn’t sacrifice security for convenience. It weighs only 650g, but offers great protection for your bike when you’re riding around town. You may not want to leave your bike locked up overnight with it, but that’s not what it’s built for.

The Bordo Lite is an incredibly compact bike lock that has six bars that fold up inside the lock when not in use. When you want to lock up your bike, the bars fold out to create a loop. Each of the bars are connected using steel rivets, each of the bars is made of steel alloy covered in plastic to protect the bike’s paint.

The Bordo Lite is locked and unlocked using a key, so you want to make sure you don’t lose it! You have a couple of choices in mounting your lock, as it can be mounted using rubberized anti-slip Velcro straps or screw fastening onto the bottle holder.

The Bordo Lite bike lock is a great option for those who want to ensure safety for your bike but don’t want to lug around a large, heavy bike lock. The Bordo Lite can be purchased for around $99.


OttoLock – Cinch Lock

OttoLock is a totally different type of bike lock. It’s designed for short-stock security, similar to the ABUS Bordo Lite, however, it’s a completely different design and much lighter. Weighing in at only 140g and coiling to a compact 3-inch diameter, OttoLock is one of the most portable bike locks on the market.

OttoLock is available in three sizes, 18”, 30”, and 60” and three colors, black, green, and orange. The bands are made of multi-layer steel and Kevlar, which make them cut-resistant and stronger than cable locks. The locking mechanism is a 3-dial combination lock that can also be reset as needed if you forget the combination.

I’m a huge fan of this lock because of the portability, security, and the fact that it looks so damn cool! It can easily be mounted to one of the tubes of your bike when not in use or slipped into a pocket. The OttoLock starts at $55 and can be purchased directly from OttoLock.

We hope our Summer 2018 Bicycle Roundup will help you discover some cycling products you haven’t heard of before and will enrich your outdoor life.  Get outside as much as you can and enjoy the fresh air!

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