The Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper is My New Summertime Friend

I may not be the sweetest guy, but the bugs that live in my backyard don’t know that. If I go outside to work in the yard or swim in the pool, I can be sure to come back in itching from one of the many new bug bites I’ve received. Thankfully, I have the Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper

At under $20, the Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper attracts and zaps flying insects thanks to a combination of a replaceable 2-Watt black UV bulb and a Stinger NOsquito Mosquito Octenol Replacement Lure. Made from plastic, the unit looks like an old-style lantern. The company describes it as having a “decorative design” that

complements outdoor patio furniture and décor, for use virtually anywhere outdoors – patio, deck, camping, beach, picnics and sporting events.

I don’t know about that, but I do think it is unobtrusive enough that you certainly won’t mind using it pretty much anywhere you encounter those pesky bugs.

The color was also chosen as part of the bug-killing design since the light grey contrasting accents aid in attracting mosquitoes during the day.

The Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper helps protect outdoor enthusiasts from mosquito bites and mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile and Zika virus.

The zapper has a 2-Watt UV bulb behind the vertical plastic slats. It also has a small light built into the top that can be used to add some light when using it at night.

At the bottom of the unit is a removable tray.

It has a slot into which you place the company’s Stinger NOsquito Mosquito Octenol Replacement Lure.

The lure is hidden away once the tray is put back in place, and it only needs to be replaced every thirty days. That means four or five lures can last the entire season if, like me, you live in the northeast.

The unit is small, but it can cover up to 400 sq. ft. or an area that measures 20’ x 20’. That won’t take care of my entire pool area, but it does mean I can sit outside and enjoy dinner or a drink with Raina.

One of the things I particularly like about this bug zapper is the fact that there are multiple ways to power it. As the company explains:

This insect zapper can be powered using the included USB cord, with batteries (not included), or USB with an electrical adapter (not included).

To use the zapper, you put the Stinger NOsquito Mosquito Octenol Replacement Lure in its place and put the tray back into the unit. You install 4 AA batteries by removing the cap, placing the batteries in, and replacing the top. Alternatively, you can use the included USB cable and plug an adapter (not included) into an outlet. The power switch is below the overhang of the unit. Switch it on, and wait for the bugs to go bye-bye. As the company explains:

  • Bug Zapping (UV) Mode. Press the button to the right (I) and the unit will operate in this mode, using only the insect zapping UV bulb. The LEDs will not operate in this mode.
  • Ambient Light-Only (LED) Mode. Press the button to the left (II) and the unit will provide ambient light only. Only the LEDs will operate in this mode, and no insect zapping will occur.
  • Turn the unit OFF by positioning the switch in the center, indicated with a circle (O). See lure insect sheet for precautionary statements and directions for lure use. It is recommended that this unit is stored indoors during inclement weather.


  • Portable, cordless zapper for on-the-go use
  • The device effectively covers up to 400 sq. ft. (20’ x 20’)
  • Replaceable black UV light bulb attracts and kills 40% more flying insects, including mosquitoes, gnats and no-see-ums (compared to white UV lights)
  • 3 easy ways to power – 4 “AA” batteries (not included), USB cord, USB with an electric adapter (not included)
  • Lantern-only feature ideal for ambient lighting at night
  • Run time is up to 3 hours with batteries
  • Clog-free kill grid design for optimum performance

The Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper is made from durable, weather-proof plastic; it ships with one Stinger NOsquito Mosquito Octenol Replacement Lure and one replaceable bulb. It is the Stinger replaceable “H” Model B1004B bulb. They note that the Stinger 2 Watt Black Replacement Bulb is “capable of capturing up to 40% more insects as compared to a traditional white UV bulb.”

Stinger explains that the ideal location for the zapper is a location where insects will be lured to the unit by hanging or positioning it between the source of insects (yard/woods) and the area to be protected, but “no more than 10-14 ft. from human activity.” As noted, in “Bug Zapping Mode, the Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper will effectively cover a 20’ by 20’ area of up to 400 sq. ft.

I love the warm weather but, thanks to small stinking things seeming to love me, constantly struggle to find solutions that let me enjoy the outdoors while not paying a price days later. The Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper is part of my approach to enjoying the backyard and park this summer. So far… it seems to help.

The Stinger On-the-Go Insect Zapper is $19.99 and can be purchased here. Replacement lures are under $10.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Like: Easy to use; Covers a 20’ by 20’ area; Can be powered in a variety of ways; Zaps bugs, but also offers an ambient light mode

What Needs Improvement: Replacing lures can add up to more than the unit itself in a matter of months

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